Tuesday, October 15, 2013

St. Louis Vacation Pics!

For my early birthday present, my darling Russel drove me up to St. Louis to visit our good friends Diana (a/k/a Dee and Miss Dee, and Misty) and Bob.  Misty and I met on Splitcoaststampers in July 2005.  They’ve been down here several times, but we had never been up there.  We’ve been home for a couple weeks, but I took a lot of pics and they all needed to be sorted through, resized, named, organized, etc.  I remember in growing up years Dad corralling whomever he could to watch slide shows of our travels in Germany and New England.  If you hadn’t been there, it was BOOOR-RRING!  Cue Joanne Worley.  I’ll try to sort things and not be too verbose.  I think I’ll make separate entries for different attractions.  Skip what doesn’t interest you and look at the albums if you’re interested.  Whatever, I hope you enjoy these.  


On our first full day, we all went to the Science Center, wandered around and went to the Imax show about Monarch butterflies.  Poor Russel fell asleep!  There was a cool contraption in the main entryway called the Energizer, with croquet-sized balls going all over the place powered by people walking in the whatever it was.  A few times around and a ball would head out to the top on a conveyer belt. Very cool.


We all did our part to send balls on their way, except Bob!

There was a cool T-Rex section, with him roaring and moving his head over his just killed prey, a poor stegosaurus.



The following pics defy any sort of category as they are usually singles or just a few, so here goes.  I don’t care about the beer, but I do love the Clydesdales.  We went by the Grant Farm and Misty snuck through the closed parking lot to take the pics of horses at supper time.  The mural is on the side of the brewery downtown.

A must stop was Ted Drewes for some frozen custard.  Everything it was supposed to be.  Saw it on Food Network many times.  Yumm.

Drewes K & R

We went to Kimmswick, MO, to have lunch at the Blue Owl, another place I had seen on Food Net.  Great comfort food. No pics of food, just friends.

 Blue Owl-K & R Blue Owl-M & B

We had to go by the Saint Louis Bread Co., Bob and Misty’s morning hang out.  This is the place that started Panera’s!  Menu and atmosphere exactly the same.

St. Louis Bread Co

B, K & M

I have three more sections I want to do separately, the Missouri Botanical Gardens, the Chihuly glass installations at the MBG and the Arch.  Hope you enjoyed these.  Comments welcome.

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