Tuesday, October 15, 2013

St. Louis, Gateway Arch National Monument.

I’m really glad we got to go see the Arch before the shutdown closed it.  It was worth the trip up and down all those stairs.  No way Russel could’ve done it with his bad knees.  Stairs up from parking lot (he did those), stairs down into basement under arch, stairs down to pods to ride up, stairs up from the pods to viewing deck, stairs down to the pods down from viewing deck, stairs up from basement.  Sheesh!  I was pretty much wiped after that!  More steps than any puny little lighthouse!

This is the view from the parking lot down by the Mississippi River.  I’m assuming these are the three flags that flew over Missouri at one time or another.

3 Flags  

We all worked hard to hold up the Arch!  Misty and Bob, Russel and me.

This is two views of the Eads Bridge over the Mississippi.  Looks like it is being restored.  I think it is the first bridge across the River at St. Louis.  Finished in 1874 for vehicles and trains.

Eads Bridge Eads Bridge & Shadow

From below.  I just like the swoosh!

From by base

Teeny tiny plane.  Click to enlarge and back to return.

With Plane

From the top, PNC ballpark, home of Cardinals, a barge in the shadow of the Arch, the Old Courthouse.

Misty and me at the top, 630 feet!

Top-Misty Top-Me

Quite an adventure to go up to the top.  Those pods were a tight fit for five, four minutes up, three minutes down.  That’s it for the Arch.  Comments welcome.

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