Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Tree and Ornament Collection

Been busy last few days, but really wanted to get these pictures posted. Since we moved to Florida, we were unable to find my collection of beaver ornaments. Russel found the box after we took the tree down last year and that is just about all we put on our tree this year – the ornaments out of that one box. I really missed these little guys. Most of them are Hallmark ornaments. They came out with them pretty regular for a decade or so, but not many lately. I tried to take the pics right on the tree, but too blurry. So I had put on my stand in a better light. Click on the pictures to see them in detail.

First is one of our two lit beavers, this one with a burning barrel next to some fresh cut trees. Light in the barrel flickers just like a little fire.

Burning Barrel

This is a little blurry, but shows the back side of the fresh cut trees with a silly wabbit caught up in the ties.

Back of barrel

This is the little Wood Sox beaver who made his own bat.

Bat Boy

This little guy was putting a star on top of his tree, but there’s a blue bird on top! Love his little footprints in the snow.

Blue bird-star

This little guy is a high-rise construction worker with his tool box and lunch pail, along with hard hat and building plans. His tail hangs over the other side of the girder.


This is a lazy beaver that didn’t chew down his own tree. Chainsaw guy!


This little couple is stringing some lights.


Frenchie! I think he is only non-Hallmark beaver.


This little hooded guy chewed down his own tree!


This little guy is perched on a pocket knife and cooking a marshmallow on the corkscrew.


Another industrious beaver that chewed down his own tree.

Red Sweater

Soccer player using his tail as a third leg!


This little guy is sledding down a hill on his tail with his little boy.

Tail sled

This is just as tiny as he looks! One inch high. The amazing detail shows he chewed his own little tree ornament.

Teeny Tiny

This is our other lit beaver. Caution, Tree Trimming Zone!

Tree Trimming Zone

Here’s our tree, all lit up.

Tree 2

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Party in Alabama

Every year since Russel started working for Jim (now Jace) Chandler and Associates in 2003, we’ve traveled to Birmingham for the company’s annual party.  Jim and his wife Shirley have a lovely home and they have hosted the party every year.  It’s like stepping into the pages of a magazine like House Beautiful or Southern Living!  I asked Shirley this year if I could post pictures of her house on my blog.  Shirley decorates every room but here are the highlights, starting with the exterior shot as we drove up to park in the front.  As always, click on any picture to see it in more detail.  There is a ribboned wreath and an electric candle in every front window,


This is the entryway tree visible through the front door in the above pic.  This is a huge tree, but still not the biggest!

Entryway tree

Shirley even decorates the kitchen.  The wall facing the window is a breakfront with a counter covered with Christmas decorations. 


This is the breakfast room table set for six, half of those attending.

Breakfast room table

This is the “smaller” tree in the breakfast room.

Breakfast room tree

This is the formal dining room where the other six sat for dinner.

Formal dining room 

This is the buffet/sideboard all decorated in the formal dining room.


This is the other corner of the formal dining room.  Check out the cakes to the right.  The other side of the strawberry cake was half a caramel cake and the white cake was coconut cake.  I saved room for dessert!


This is the fireplace in the formal living room.  It was a faux fire, but very pretty.


Last, but not least, here is the main tree in the two-story living room, taken from the balcony on the second floor overlooking the living room.

Living room tree

We had a great time, a nice visit with Russel’s co-workers and some great food.  Thanks, Jim and Shirley for having us in your home, again, and for letting me post these pictures to share.

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