Monday, May 9, 2016


This is my second try.  I had all the pictures in here and a good start on the text, and it all disappeared.  I'm so frustrated with this blog, I'm doing good to get the pictures on here and identified.  I'm so late with this post that it almost time for the May meeting.  Bad Kathy.  Our April exchange theme was "Guy Cards," always handy.  Pat J had the project.  
I'll be referring to Cheryl M-B as Cami from now on, so much easier. Our first card is Cami's sunset scene with an image of her musical instrument, the Mountain Dulcimer.

Cheryl B  layered, die cut and embossed this Sky is the Limit biplane card.
 Ella made this embossed, antiqued and creatively folded old jalopy card.
 This is my card, an old one from my stash.  I fussy cut the ship and the anchor.
 Pam made this nice birthday card using the Sky's the Limit biplane, fussy cut.
 Pat J did this schooner card with dies and sponging.

 Pat R made this card of two deer, mountains and an interesting die cut central piece.

 Below are four samples of the technique Pat J showed us involving tearing and sponging.  Cami did a nice explanation in our newsletter.

 I've asked Russel why some of my pictures come out yellow and his suggestion was to get me a new camera.  Yeah, right, something else I don't know how to work.
That's it for now.  Wednesday is our next meeting with our exchange theme of "Vellum."  Thanks for stopping by.  Comments welcome.
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