Monday, December 29, 2014

Creative Images Christmas Party

It’s been crazy busy for me this whole month, what with traveling to Alabama (got home in time for party), Sarasota, company from out of town, Christmas . . .  At least I am getting the party from December 10 blogged before I do any of the other stuff or process any of the thousand or so pics I have of Christmas lights.  I went nuts for lights this year and my darling Russel took me to see them all, sometimes more than once.  I have to process the pics and winnow out the best to share, but that’s for another day. 

First up, our exchange cards, theme, you guessed it, Christmas!  First is Cheryl B’s three Wise Men.  Simple, but gorgeous.  Look at the detail of all these by clicking on the pic, then back to return.

Ex-Cheryl B

Next is Cheryl M’s beautiful snowflakes.  I think it was a punch she used for the embellishment focal point.

Ex-Cheryl M

Ella made this cute little snowman with lots of extra touches.


Helen used a postage template and deckle cut some designer paper to fit in for each stamp.  Jeannie made this elegant flying reindeer in rich, but non-traditional colors.


I made this door window with the Wondrous Wreath stamp and die.  The little cardinals are made from the small wing on Build a Bird punch and half of the tiny heart punch.


Pam made this gorgeously simple card with an embossing folder and tiny glittery cardinals.


Pat R made this beautiful card with ornament stamps and either a die or punch.

Ex-Pat R

This is Tange’s antiquey looking poinsettia that she sponged all over.  I have to try this with my set.  I’ve always colored mine, but this looks way easier.


Therese colored this post card and added the holly embellishment.  Lovely.


These are four cute little gifts passed out at the party.  I’m sorry, but I don’t have written down who made the little hand sanitizer holders.  I don’t know which Cheryl gave out the little Santa note pads, either.  My bad.

Gift Gift-Cheryl

Ella made the Santa candy canes and Tange the hot chocolate with flavored spoons and marshmallows. 


Now, if only the weather would cool off a little bit, I might enjoy some cocoa!  80 degrees in December is just wrong!

We also had our tag swap. These two are by Cheryl B and Cheryl M.

Tag-Cheryl BTag-Cheryl M

This die cut deer and snowflake is from Ella.


This snowy mitten is from Helen.  I don’t miss cold fingers!


Jeannie made this die cut sleigh, reindeer and star.


This is my Wondrous Wreath tag.


Pat R made this jolly Santa.

Tag-Pat R

Tange made this artsy tag of a mannequin with wings.


I used every tag I got for my local presents and even recycled some from previous years.  I don’t throw them away and they go in the bag with the bows I recycle.

These next four pics are from Jeannie showing more detail for her project for the January stamp camp.  Pics are of the front cover, top, flat and the back cover.

Jeannie 1Jeannie 2Jeannie 3Jeannie 4

That’s it for December’s holiday party.  Hope you all have fun at the Stamp Camp on January 10.   I will be in Fort Lauderdale then, picking up my sister and BIL at the airport and spending a few days with them before they take off on their cruise. I’ll miss you, but happy stampin’! Thanks for stopping by.

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

November Creative Images Meeting

It’s been a busy ten days since our November meeting, but my big job is done and I can move on to other big jobs.  I’ve made at least eight gallons of my Christmas Mix, a lot of which will be going to Alabama with us in early December.  I think there would be a riot if we showed up without it!

I’ve been working on my pictures of our trip to Georgia where we followed most of the Antebellum Trail, but still have more to process.  Here’s a sample from the Trail, Magnolia House in Madison, Georgia, the town “Gen. Sherman refused to burn”:

Mad 8

But, getting these stamp club pics blogged have priority.  The theme for November was “Island Fun,” and five of us came up with cute cards.  I wasn’t one of them.  Sadly, my flamingo card got no further than my mind. 

First up, Cheryl M’s swirly sailboats that when you open it . . .

Ex-Cheryl M closed

you get this pop up Adirondack chair on the beach.  Really cute!

Ex-Cheryl M open

Next is Ella’s chair, umbrella, picnic basket and cool drink under the sun on the beach.  Ahhh, to relax.


Jeannie captured a mermaid in this next card.  Wrapped her up in some net with seashells!


Pat J did this fishie card on a neat marbelized background.  I need to learn this technique.  Love the sentiment, too.

Ex-Pat J

Pat R has her Santa relaxing on the beach with a flamingo and a palm tree decorated with some bling.  Warm wishes, indeed!

Ex-Pat R

Pam had the project for November and she showed us how to do the Northern Lights technique. 

Project Sample

I’ve seen them for real over Washington State in the winter time and they were more ripple-like banners of yellowy green, so that’s what I tried for on mine.


Remember my cathedral window cards from last month, sample below?

Cathedral Window 2

Pam and I went to the quilt show at CCF and here is a pic of a cathedral window quilt.

Cathedral window quilt

I also did an Ohio Star card.

Ohio Star 1

If you look at the detail on this quilt, you will see the Ohio Star in there.

Ohio Star

Helen is back in Florida and asked me to fill her in on what’s happening in our December meeting.  It will be at the Hobby Lobby (next to room we used to meet in) December 10, 6:00 p.m. If you wish to participate in swap, bring 6 identical (similar) Christmas tags.  Our card exchange theme will be Christmas (surprise!).  Bring something salty or sweet for a treat (eat dinner early) and a gift for the Chinese gift exchange, $10 limit, stamping related.  I think that’s everything.

That’s it for November’s meeting.  Hope to see you all in December!  Happy stampin’!  Thanks for stopping by.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

October Creative Images Meeting

Once again, Hobby Lobby wasn’t ready for our meeting, so Therese graciously set us up in the sunroom in her brother’s half of their house.  Hopefully, Hobby Lobby will be ready next month.  I think there were 11 of us at the meeting and 8 brought exchange cards.  The theme this month was “In Stitches,” and most of us followed it.  It’s only a guide, not a rule.  Click on any pic for detail, then back to return.

Cheryl B made this cute little Boutique card with her dress frame and sewing machine.

Ex-Cheryl B

Ella brought in her “Little Fruity” card from last month.  I like the torn distressed edges.  Jeannie did the daisy with “sewn on” buttons.  I think she did the flower with watercolor crayons.


I made this patched card with the postage stamp punch and some decorator paper, outlined with a pattern marker for the tiny holes and a black fine point marker.  This is the one of three I finished in time.  I’ll show the others below.


Pam is a knitter and made this cute little card showing a lamb being knitted up.  Pat R made these beautiful embroidered cone flowers.  Variegated pink floss added a lot.

Ex-PamEx-Pat R

Rosie’s card is one of the memoriam cards she made for her husband funeral, but the front can be repurposed as a great guy card, especially for a fisherman.  Therese made this cute little antique sewing machine, working on a bit of stitched ribbon.


Next month’s theme is “Island Fun.”

Ella brought in her proposed project for the January stamp camp (now set for Jan. 10, 2015, at Therese’s house). This is a little packet of square cards for different uses.  

Proposed Project-Ella

Last month, Cheryl M brought in her proposed project.  See last month’s post.  There was a question on whether it would be food safe with the paints on the front, so Pat J made this version with the paint all on the back.  Still starts with a glass plate.  Same method, but now food safe.

Proposed Project 2-Cheryl

Here’s the two cathedral window cards I finished after the meeting.  This is a quilt block, but I made it with designer papers instead of fabric.  One I did with a 1 1/4” circle punch and the other a 1” circle punch. I scored around little chipboard squares on each circle, then folded over the edges to make a square.

Cathedral Window 1Cathedral Window 2

Here you can see the difference in size.

Cathedral Windows

The Ohio Star is another quilt pattern I did with designer papers and a chevron punch.  I “stitched” around each piece with the marking tool and a fine point pen, black on one, white on the other.  I think I’m “stitched” out for a bit. 

Here are a couple of birthday cards I received, the first from my friend Misty in St. Louis.  She used the Kinda Eclectic SU set for this lovely card and SU’s two butterfly punches.

Kinda Eclectic

This second pretty one is from Pat R.  She used SU’s Work of Art set for the paint swipes and the same two butterfly punches Misty used.  I wonder how she lightened the yellow so they seemed to disappear?  I don’t have that many shades of yellow CS.

Work of Art

Cheryl B also gave me a little gift bag with a stamp, some ric rac and candies.  Thanks, ladies.

That’s it for this month.  Thanks for stopping by.

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