Sunday, March 20, 2016


My sister Betsy is a great quilter and frequently makes suggestions to me on different things I can do with my cards.  She sent me some pics of some post cards she had quilted and I told her I'd share them in my blog. 

Here's the two together.

Here they are a little bit separate.

Here's what the other sides looks like.

Quoting from her text when she sent me the pics, "I did all the assembly for three cards as one big piece.  It was easier to do the machine quilting as a big piece instead of an individual card.  Safer for my fingers. I cut the three best segments of the cards I wanted.  The third one is already gone, a friend's 90th birthday." 

Way cool, Sis. 

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Lots of people were unable to make it to our March meeting, but those of us who made it all brought in cards with our exchange theme of Flowers. 

Ella did the project for March, a lovely card using die cuts and the stamp punch.

First exchange card is Ella's.  She got a lot of mileage with her wildflower dies.

Cheryl B made this lovely card with green, turquoise and purple inks and a brayer.

Next is the outside and inside of Helen's card using a die and some silk flowers.

Jeannie's card has an Irish blessing in it for St. Paddy's Day.

My card uses the Rose Garden die cut out and stuck down with up stuff.

I've started researching how to fix my blog so I don't have to fight to make a post that is reasonably coherent.  Text size keeps changing and driving me nuts.  I'm going to end up paying someone to set up a new blog, hopefully including all the years of posts.  I'll let you know. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

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Monday, March 7, 2016

Creative Images Pics


Sorry it's taken so long to get this posted, but at least I am getting it done before the March meeting.  There's been a real PIBKAC* with my puter lately, but I still haven't figured out what to do with my blog writer.  The theme for the February meeting was Wine/Chocolate/Romance and six of us brought in exchange cards.  Helen was in charge of the project and we made a cute box, even though Helen forgot her sample. It was a mystery project!  But we all at least got started on them.  I took mine home to finish with Pam (who couldn't make it) and I took Therese her project, too.  So, here goes.

This first card is glittery pansies done by Cheryl M-B.  The grapevine card was made by Cheryl B.

 The white embossed over red with butterflies is by Pat J.  The laugh out loud with chocolates and dancing is by Ella.

The origami heart over a lace doily is mine.  The sexy red bustier is by Pat R.
These next pictures are works in progress of the Valentine boxes.

Stupid puter won't let me turn off the centering. These next four pics are of the boxes Pam and I made at my house, opened and closed.

That's all I can fight with tonight.  Hope to get the pics from March meeting blogged a little more timely.
*If you don't know what PIBKAC means, it is an acronym for "Problem is between Keyboard and Chair." 

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