Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sarasota Visit, Part II

When Misty and I were at the Ringling complex, we stopped for lunch at the Treviso Cafe in the visitor center.  This very strange bird kept wandering along the edge of the patio.  I thought it was a Muscovy duck, but up close, it’s not anything like those.  Big green feet, red at top of legs, red and yellow beak.  What the heck?

CDZ water bird

On our trip the next day to the dog park/beach at Venice Beach, we saw this Anhinga grooming itself.  It finally sat still and showed how looooong its neck is.


These retrievers were having a blast playing on the beach . . .

Dogs Water dogs

. . . and fetching a ball from the surf.

Dogs Water dog

Missed the best picture because he wouldn’t stay still.  A Boston Bull was laying and rolling in the surf!

Here’s an Irish Wolfhound with his two little pals, toy schnauzers.  Cutest little things.  I want one!

Along Sarasota Bays marina parking lot, is this sculpture from an iconic picture from VJ Day of a nurse getting the heck kissed out of her by a sailor.  Had to stop and get some pictures.

This sign tells about the statute, but doesn’t mention the photograph or photographer.  It was on the cover of Life Magazine.  With a simple Google search of VJ Day Kiss, I found this link to the photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt  here.  Click on the pic to enlarge to read the sign, then back to return.

Sailor-Nurse sign

That’s it for Sarasota.  Tomorrow or next day, I’ll do our trip to Ft. Myers and the Everglades with my sister and her husband.  Thanks for stopping by. Comments always welcome.

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Sarasota Visit/Ringling Complex

Last week, Russel and I spent a few days in Sarasota visiting with our friends Misty and Bob who are in FL for a month from St. Louis.  They picked almost perfect weather for their stay.  While Russel worked and Bob nursed his foot and kept Doxie Greta company, Misty and I drove into town to the John and Mable Ringling Museum to tour the grounds, art museum, circus museum, miniature museum and the Ca’D’Zan, Venetian for House of John.  There was a lot of ground to cover on a cool, cloudy day (one of few cloudy days they’ve had in weeks), but the museum complex has volunteers that drive trams all over all the time.  Saved my life and miles of walking.

The Venetian Gothic Ca’D’Zan was designed and built by the Ringlings in the mid-1920’s as their winter home right next to Sarasota Bay.  Mable wanted a place that reminded her of Venice, so there are lots of gardens and tiles and fanciful architectural features, including a belvedere on top of the house.  I’ll try to group the pics in albums that make some sense, starting with these pics of the exterior.

The interior was just as elaborate, if not more so.  Here’s the formal dining room set for an “intimate” dinner for eight, breakfast room and guest room.

Here’s the main parlor view up to balcony and chandelier, Mable’s dressing room, skylight and view down to main parlor from balcony.

These are all of John’s bedroom, including his gold clock, marble tub, dual beds (they were a set, so he kept them both, even though Mable had her own bedroom) and Misty.

Here’s the two stoves in the kitchen.

CDZ Kit stove CDZ Kit range

Here are pics of the grounds, including banyan trees gifted to the Ringlings by Thomas Edison from his estate in Ft. Myers, together with statues of a bull with a lady chained on it and Julius Caesar.

Here’s the royal palm alee, the secret garden behind which the Ringlings are buried, Misty, the sculpture garden between wings of the art museum and a stone lady.

Here’s a bronze cast of the original marble David in Florence, Italy.

I think that’s enough for this post.  I have more pics from Sarasota, but this will take forever to upload as it is.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Creative Images’ Shoebox Swap

Russel was nice enough to finish processing all the pics I took with my phone at the shoebox on Sunday.  The community room at the Sheriff’s substation was a really nice venue, someplace to think about having our regular meetings there.  Twelve ladies signed up to attend, everyone made it and I came home with eleven cards/projects and a few spares I will finish up of my own project.

These first two pics are the outside and inside of my St. Louis friend Dee’s swap.  She used Delicate Doilies as her main image and died her lace with coffee and tea to match her cardstock.

Dee  2 Dee 1

Eleanor made this elaborate card using die cuts.  The inside present box was tricky, but with a little help, doable.  I’ve wowed everyone I’ve shown mine to.

Ella 2 Ella 1

On the left is my double dutch doors card and on the right is Helen’s darling little snowman made with the Top Note die.

Kathy Helen

Janet made this bright Valentine with a border punch, hearts and ribbon slots.


Janice made this cheery get well card for us to watercolor.


On the left is my card made with Nancy’s umbrella man and clock dies.  Her sample is on the right, using the cogs die.  I didn’t sponge my embossed background like Nancy did.  Oops.

Kathy's Nancy Nancy

On the left is Therese’s plaque, “She Who Loves Rubber Stamps” made with a variety of mediums and techniques.  On the right is Pam’s Love Valentine.  Her ribbon and heart button set it off perfectly. 

Therese Pam

Patty made this cute little fussy cut fishie, complete with fishing line and hook.


Tange made this cute little purse with the Top Note die and filled it with yummy chocolates.  She plans to make a bunch more for her daughter’s wedding favors.


Theresa made this cute little Valentine using one of my favorite Stampendous stamps, Bee Mine.


As a thank you to the Sherriff’s Dept. for letting us use the room, we donated this lineup of stuffed animals for the deputies to carry in their cruisers and hand out to traumatized kids.


Here’s the ice cream cake Tange brought, the desserts and the lunch we all enjoyed.  Thanks to Janice and Theresa for arranging the catering.

We had a great time and missed those who couldn’t make it.

Thanks for stopping by. Comments always welcome.

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Creative Images Christmas Party

It’s been a long time since we had our Christmas party on Dec. 12, but I have been indulging myself in a fit of pique.  I’m needy and need positive feedback, not especially mature things, I admit.  I got discouraged and thought that no one cared whether or not I blogged because hardly anyone comments besides my dear friend Misty (I got the occasional thank you e-mails from others).  Not one person inquired as to why I hadn’t blogged the Christmas party.  For almost a month!  That was my criteria to do it.  Someone had to ask me.  Well, at the shoebox swap, Theresa asked me.  I had the pictures all resized and organized.  I was just being stubborn.  Bad Kathy.

First, I’ll show the gifts some ladies brought to share.  I’ll do them as an album.  Click on it to see the details.

On the left is a microwave popcorn wrapped up by Janice, then some candies from Theresa, candied pretzels from Tange, a giant Hershey bar from Linda and fudge from me.  On my cheat sheet, I show a pencil from Helen, but no picture.  My bad.

Next, here is an album of the tags made for the tag swap.  Ten ladies participated and we each made ten tags, so it worked out great.  I used mine on Christmas presents under my tree. 

Here are the first five.  From left to right is Janice’s ornament punch tag, Dani’s ho, ho, ho tag, Holly’s clear plastic tag, Helen’s stocking and Eleanor’s yoyo and poinsettia tags.

Here’s the last five.  From left to right is Jeannie’s holly-edged tag, Therese’s stocking with yoyo, my two-sided lace snowflake, Nancy’s die cut tree and Tange’s gold-embossed joyful Christmas. 

Our exchange card theme was “Merry and Bright.”  I inserted individual pics of each of the exchange cards, wanting them all to show up side by side, but here’s what I got.  sigh  The first card is a lovely, fussy cut, water colored, embossed angel done by Therese.  On the right is Connie’s beautiful black and pink die cut deer.

M & B Therese M & B Connie

Here’s the outside of Dani’s card with tiny Christmas lights embellishing it . . .

M & B Dani 1

. . . and inside is matching lights with the sentiment.

M & B Dani 2

Here’s Ella’s die cut tree and pretty designer paper.

M & B Ella

This one is Helen’s gold-embossed Christmas dove on an embossed background.  Simply perfect.

M & B Helen

Holly made this bright and shiny white embossed reindeer card. 

M & B Holly

Janice made this pretty spirelli card with lovely snowflake designer paper on the side.

M & B Janice

Side by side!  Go figure.  On the left is Jeannie’s card combining many different die cuts.  On the right is my card, a sample from Janice’s workshop back in November.

M & B Jeannie M & B Kathy

This is Linda’s cute water colored snowman, fussy cut and popped up on some bright fibers.

M & B Linda

Here’s Nancy pretty green tree combined with die cuts and punches.

M & B Nancy

Sigh.  Two again.  The pretty blue ornament and Top Note die card is Pam’s.  Tange’s lovely fan and poinsettia looks Asian.

M & B Pam M & B Tange

Last, but not least, here’s Theresa’s beautiful water colored ornament.  Lots of glitter and silver touches.

M & B Theresa

All fourteen cards are better looked at close up.  Just click on the pic, then hit back to return.

We had our usual Chinese gift exchange (that’s not a very PC name!).  Here are some of the pics I took.  I’m not sharing them all as some were downright unflattering for whatever reason.  I value my hide.

From left to right, Helen, Pam, my presents, Theresa and Janice and Dani and Jeannie.

Sorry it took so long.  As soon as Russel processes the pics of yesterday’s shoebox swap, I’ll get them up in the next day or so.

Thanks for stopping by. Comments always welcome.

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