Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh, Man! Atlantis Was So Coooooool!

For one reason or another, we’ve never been able to see a shuttle go off from our back yard.  Either launch was delayed, we were working, overcast, it was at night, whatever.  Other than the launch we went to in the Spring, we’ve not seen a Shuttle launch.  A friend had told me we could see it in Ocala on a clear day, even 100 miles away, and SHE WAS RIGHT!  So after setting timers and getting camera and tripod ready, Russel and I were ready and waiting for lift off right outside our back screen porch.  So, here’s what we saw from 98.5 miles away.  As always, click on the pic to see more detail. 

This is very first sighting.  You can’t hardly see it, but it right in middle, just over the trees.  Ugly fence is not ours.

T plus 30 sec

You go, girl!  I got goose bumps!

Tplus 1 min

Russel had to move the tripod as Atlantis was disappearing into the trees!

T plus 1.3 min

This is last pic before trail ended.  Atlantis was moving so fast and away at that point, she just winked out.  Could look up statistics and say how far and how fast, but all you need to know is from start to finish, less than two minutes to climb out of our sight.  Miles and miles per second.

Buh Bye

The vapor trail is all we were left with after Atlantis had booked out into orbit.  Perfect launch on a perfect day!

T plus 2 min

There’s only five more Shuttle launches before fleet is retired.  I want to be where I can hear one go and feel the Earth move.  Not an unreasonable request, I think.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November Creative Images Meeting

We had a good meeting last night, though several ladies couldn’t attend for various reasons, i.e., out of town, injured, schedule conflicts.  We got a lot done and Jeannie has fired off an e-mail with the information on the upcoming Christmas stamp camp.  Our treasury didn’t do well last night in the fine department as all of us in attendance brought in an exchange card!  100 percent participation!  Our theme was “Celebrate the Season of Your Choice.”  Without further ado, here are the exchange cards.  As always, you can click on any picture to enlarge it.

First up, Lona’s coppery Autumn scene.  I believe she embossed it in copper, too.  The layer under the copper layer looks like wood veneer.  Lovely coloring job.

 Lona's trees

Next is Linda’s Christmoose.  She says it’s a reindeer.  Love the fussy cutting and googly eyes!

Linda's Christmoose

This is Holly’s mistletoe and snowflakes Christmas card.  Love the sentiment.

Holly's Christmas gift

Ella did this bright Valentine’s Day with a dressy theme.  It’s was all glittery IRL.

Ella's valentine

Gale made this lovely blue snowflake card.  Look closer to see all the shiny silver glittery CS.  She must miss snow, too!

Gale's Snowflake

Jeannie submitted this lovely bouquet done with Twinkling H2O’s as her Spring bouquet.  I have one of these someplace.  Gorgeous! 

Jeannie's Spring bouquet

Rosie embossed with gold on blue this lovely Joy card.

Rosie's Joy

Ursula colored and fussy cut this cute couple of Pilgrim turkeys.  Gorgeous leaf brads along the right. I got this in the exchange and will be mailing it off to my niece’s family for Thanksgiving.  Four kids under 8!  They’ll love it!

Ursula's turkeys

Therese brought this cute little Halloween witch experiencing aerodynamic difficulties.  Lots of fussy cutting and watercoloring.  Spooooky!

Therese's witch

Last of the exchange cards is mine.  Scenic Season and Teeny Wishes stamp sets, sponging and masking done on this Thanksgiving card.

Kathy's Trees

Jeannie did gift cards for our project.  She brought lots of samples as she gives lots of gift cards.  She has them for all occasions and as thank yous.  Here’s four of her samples.  All are gorgeous with fibers, layers, bellies, pearls, lace and embossing. 

Jeannie's sample 3 Jeannie's sample 1 Jeannie's sample 2

Jeannie's sample 4

Jeannie provided the template and I think we all got the project done.  Nobody showed me theirs, so only one I have a pic of is mine!  All stamps are from SU’s Winter Post set.

Kathy's project Kathy's project open

Here’s pictures of all the ladies in attendance, including Jeannie and me.

Ladies 2 Ladies 1

Me and Jeannie

For next month’s stamp camp, the ladies decided that in addition to the altered lunch tin, they wanted to try and finish the acrylic angel ornament that we ran out of time to finish last year.  As there are lots of new members who’ve never seen her before, I said I would put a pic on my blog and here she is.

Therese's Sample

That’s it for this month.  I can’t go to Stamp Camp as I will be in Alabama, so others will have to get me pics!

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