Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cards, Beautiful Cards

Wow, two posts in one day.  I received some lovely birthday cards and wanted to share them before too much time had passed since I got them.  Thanks to all of you.

This first card is from Patty.  That frog looks just thrilled to be another year older, sorta like me.

Patty's 2011

This came as a BRAK from Becca at Splitcoast.

Becca's 2011

The waterskiing pyramid card is from my sister.  You open it and it plays “Wipeout” by the Surfaris.Betsy's Wipewout  Listen to it here:

Jeannie gave me this pretty green One of a Kind card.  I should be so skinny!

Jeannie's BD card  

Misty, my friend in St. Louis sent me this lovely little card with Boho Blossoms punched out and added.

Misty's 2011

Pat J. made me this gorgeous water colored card.  She stamped and colored the butterflies twice and fussy cut them to pop them up with dimensionals.  I wanna be Pat when I grow up.

Pat's BD card

Lucky girl, I yam.  Thanks for stopping by. Comments always welcome.

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October Creative Images Meeting

I finally got the time, the list, and ambition all together at the same time to blog the cards from the October 10 meeting..  I apologize for taking so long, but nobody complained.  We had ten exchange cards with our theme of “Tie One On,” but two of my pictures of them didn’t come out.  Oops.  More on that below.  Seven ladies participated in the ATC exchange.  Click on any pic for details and click back to return here.  So, here goes, in no particular order.  First, Therese made this Find the Cure card with printed ribbon.

T1O Therese

I wanted them all side by side, but nope.  Just hit and miss.  Ella made this Father’s Day card with three (make that four) ties and Herman took what he learned last time and made this step card.  Colors came out horrible.  Herman’s card is actually yellow and black!

T1O Ella T1O Herman

Holly made this craft tag with a 3D flower for extra bling.

T1O Holly

Janet drew this tree freehand and fussy cut it before tying a yellow ribbon around it.  Cool! 

T1O Janet

Here’s Jeannie’s embossed and ruffled gold birdie.

T1O Jeannie

These next three pics are my origami diamond fold Thanksgiving card.  I learned this technique from Wendy’s blog here.  First pic is closed . . .

T1O Kathy 1

. . . open on one side . . .

T1O Kathy 2

. . . open on both sides.

T1O Kathy 3

One of the pics that didn’t come out was Lona’s card, but I found a pic of a project she taught a long time ago that has same black tie and dinner jacket.  Patty made the best wishes zentangle dress.

T1O Lona T1O Patty

The other card I missed a picture of was Tange’s Christmas card made with SU’s Top Note die.  Sorry.

Next is one of the samples from the project Jeannie put together at the last minute to help out an overbooked Melanie.  Jeannie stamped a poem called “What Cancer Cannot Do” and provided everything to either make a lovely card front or bookmark.

Cancer Poem Project

Here are pictures of the six out of seven ATC’s exchanged.  Once again, my camera didn’t like Tange.  She did an ATC with a girl in silhouette.  Sorry.   First is Therese’s Magic of Oz.

ATC Therese

This is Ella’s hilarious couch couple.  Good thing he has on a tie.

ATC Ella

On the left is Holly’s Live in the Moment card and Janet’s mermaid with a wild mop of hair.

ATC Holly ATC Janet

On the left is Jeannie’s Lay One on Me ATC and on the right is Patty’s zentangle lady.  Patty is really liking those zentangles!

ATC Jeannie ATC Patty

That’s it for now.  Thanks for stopping by. Comments always welcome.

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