Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November Stamp Club

I’m slow again, but at least this time, it’s still November!  We had lots of absentees for various reasons at the meeting, but we did our exchange of thank you cards and made our projects.  I couldn’t find my list of who did what, but I actually remembered!

First, Pam’s Upsy Daisy masked and sponged card, an oldie but goody.  I love black silhouettes.


Here’s Ella’s nostalgic swing on a tree with some Flower Soft grass to finish it off.


Herman did this bright patchwork quilted card. 


I made this Thanksgiving card using masking and a shimmery spray that’s hard to see in this pic.


Lona made this lovely card with some decorative scissors (I think) and embossing.


Jeannie had the project, a cute ATC with die cuts of layers and birdies and roses or posies, the latter to be quilled into pretty embellishments.  Jeannie had a conflict, so she gave everything to me to have Therese show how to make it, but Therese couldn’t come either.  Good thing I kinda sorta remembered how to quill flowers!  First up, Jeannie’s two samples.

Project samples

On the left is Pam’s finished ATC and mine is on the right.  As Jeannie likes to point out to us, if we’re not all that into ATC’s, we can turn them into cards.  So, I did!  I mounted the ATC on a card front and had a lovely get well card I gave to Janice.  She’s home now.

Pam & Kathy's projects

When I went to see Janice, she showed me some cards her friend Millie had made.  I especially liked this one with the punched out black butterflies cut in half and layered under the white butterflies.


That’s it for this month.  Thanks for stopping by.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

October Stamp Club

Busy, busy is the Beaver.  Can’t believe I actually said that!  Also had severe case of lackawanna, but finally got all my pictures from last couple of weeks processed and ready to blog.  Our good friends Misty and Bob are in Florida from St. Louis and we’ll see them at least one more time before they head home before Thanksgiving.  I also need to send Tange some notes on the meeting.

The exchange theme for October was was “A Stitch in Time.”  Most of the cards had some stitching of some sort, or a sewing theme.  My favorite was Herman’s.  He layered this lovely collage and stuck a threaded needle through a clock.  Way cool!


Ella did this fashionable card with thread, pins, sewing machine, etc. 


Lona actually embroidered this pretty thank you card.


Pam dug out a sewing machine to run a line of stitching through her punched out circles.


Therese made this dress form with lots of dimension on a faux silk frame and also dug out her sewing machine.


This is my layered and fussy cut card with rows of faux stitching in white gel pen over the tiny holes made by a Dritz marking tool.


Three ladies brought in ATC’s and instead of waiting another month, they were divied up.  Former member Cheryl joined us and brought her spooky tree ATC’s.  I like the moon and owl’s yellow eyes.  Therese did the doll ATC she named “Bebe.”  Lots of interesting stuff in that one.


Jeannie made this cute little giraffe ATC.  She used the same design on some invites to a baby shower.


I had the project for October.  Here are the bases I made getting the technique down right.

Project 3

Here’s my sample.  I made two others, but I can’t find the pics and don’t want to take even more time getting this done. 

Project 1

I was inspired to learn this technique by Dawn Griffith’s beautiful Easter card in her April 8, 2012, post.  It was turquoise, white and silver with lots of butterflies.  Gorgeous.  There’s a link to her post here.  Dawn had a link on her post to Frenchie’s stamps with a video tutorial.  I made my project based on that tutorial:  here.  Frenchie did another video tutorial here on two different ways to add designer papers to the card.  All are great.

I think everyone had a good time making the cascading card, especially Herman who loved the mechanics of how it went together.  On the left below is Jeannie’s almost finished card and Cheryl’s on the right. 

Project-Jeannie Project-Cheryl

I have more pics to share of a workshop at Pam’s and my visits with Misty and Bob, but it’s time to fix supper.  Thanks for stopping by.  Comments always welcome.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

September Stamp Club

Wow, two posts in one day.  When the inertia breaks free, it really goes!  I have many excuses, but procrastination is the best one!  Herman did a great project, we had some good “Perfect Day” exchange cards and we finally got enough sympathy/thinking of you cards to do our swap. 

First up is the inside of Therese’s exchange card.  Totally lost the pic of the outside which showed the little old man’s backside as he peered in a window.  ???  Lots of fussy cutting and coloring.


Ella did some fussy cutting of her own on this pretty tree.


Here’s Jeannie’s fussy cut cardinal with lots of bellies and my lighthouse from one of Therese’s CTMH workshops.

Ex-Jeannie's Ex-Kathy's

Pam used one of my favorite sets for this lady in the boat and Tange made her pink flower with another favorite set and punch.

Ex-Pam's Ex-Tange's

We got five swaps and Tange made this lovely slightly Asian card.


Jeannie made this lacey sympathy card.  Liked the inside sentiment so much, I had to get it in here, too.  Perfect.

Swap-Jeannie'sSwap-Jeannie's insides

On the left is my sympathy card using a retired ribbon lace border.  On the right is Lona’s bright card.  Love the colors and the French BG.

Swap-Kathy's Swap-Lona's

Pam made this delicate sympathy card, colored direct to the rubber with markers.


Herman’s project was this lovely layered card.  Here are two of his samples.  Hoped to have mine finished to show you, but maybe next time. 

Project 2 Project 1

Thanks for stopping by.  
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Hello Dolly Bars

A while back I saw on Dianna Gibbs’ blog, a recipe for Hello Dolly squares.  I had a spanking new brownie pan from Pampered Chef and wanted to try them out.  I really like the chewier corners on brownies, just like Di, and this pan has lots of corners!  It finally got cool enough to actually bake something.  Here’s how mine turned out:
Here’s graham cracker crust and half with coconut.
Pic 1
Here’s the nuts and chocolate chips stage.
Pic 2
Here’s half with the sweetened condensed milk.
Pic 3 
Here they are fresh out of the oven!
Pic 5
Ready to eat!
Pic 6
Di lists the recipe on her June 26, 2012, post, here, and has a couple of pictures.  Compare them to mine, which were a little too done, but still very yummy.  Next time, I’ll just cook them a little less.
Thanks for stopping by. 
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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Creative Images August Meeting

We had a nice turnout last night and almost everyone brought an exchange card.  The theme was Blossoms and Blooms and flowers were everywhere.

First, Therese watercolored these lovely tulips and did a bit of fussy cutting to pop up a few, too.


On the left is Ella’s coppery, glittery daisies.  On the right is Herman’s pretty blue spirelli card.

Ex-Ella's Ex-Herman's

Jeannie dipped into her stash for this embossed copper flower.  My Blooming with Kindness is on the right.

Ex-Jeannie's Ex-Kathy's

Lona did this Asian-inspired cherry blossoms.  I wonder how she did the black stripes.  Pam watercolored this lovely Elements of Style thank you card with the Itty Bitty Banner on the bottom.

Ex-Lona's Ex-Pam's

Tange made this lovely orange beauty with the ribbon lace border.  Lynnor taught her how to do it, probably from Frenchie’s tutorial.  Scroll down to my May 10 post for a much easier way to make it.


Therese had the project this month.  We made a background with highlighters, antiqued it and stamped it.  Here’s Therese’s two samples.  She added bits of glitter to punch hers up.

Project sample2 Project sample1

Here’s my project.  The rubber came off the acrylic block and fell right on my background.  So I stamped it right there, again, and then again in the corner.  No mistakes in stamping!  Just different ways to do it!  I’ll be trying this again.


That’s it for this month.  Thanks for stopping by.

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