Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Creative Images September Meeting

We had a good turnout last night, especially with two returning members.  Welcome back Janice and Theresa!  We took care of business and exchanged our cards - “Pet Friendly” was the September theme.  Holly did the project of a marvelous little plaque.  First up, pet cards.

Lona did this first card with a watercolored puppy and gold paper hole reinforcements masquerading as eyelets, although she has some of those on there, too. 

Lona's Puppy

Next is my black and red card featuring a Pekinese (with no “g” in it!) with his bone which is almost as big as he is. 

Kathy's Pekingnese 

Holly’s little fussy cut terrier is so cute!  She even added red to the flowers and I think she did Crystal Effects on one of the butterflies.

Holly's Terrier

Therese did a great job coloring this cute doggie being towed in the wagon. 

Therese's wagon

Tange tried to convince me that people have spiders for pets!  He does have a lovely “web” and pretty green eyes.

Tange's spider

Linda made this bright, glittery fishy card.  Love the fishy brads.

Linda's fishies

Ella made this card with a die cut doggie and bone.  I still have paw prints all over my heart from my little Lady.

Ella's diecut puppy

I was present at the birth of Pam’s little doghouse.  She made the doggie using punches and her husband decreed that his name should be French.

Pam's doghouse

Connie made this pretty fussy cut birdie in a die cut tree and layered with designer papers.

Connie's birdie

Here’s where Theresa’s “Just Because You’re You” card goes, but picture didn’t turn out.  Sorry.

Jeannie made this card with two cats that are definitely “children in fur coats.”  

Jeannie's cat faces

Janice’s computer room is full of Mickey Mouse collectibles, so she had plenty of inspiration for this happy card.  Love the way she layered two Modern Label punches and constructed little jeweled Mickey’s!

Janice's Mickey

Holly did the project this month, a little chipboard plaque with buttons, antique-looking photos and a cool saying.  Here’s her sample.  I’m sticking a magnet on the back of mine and putting it on the fridge.

Holly's project sample

In order, the following finished projects were made by Connie, me, Janice and Linda.

Not everyone gave me their project to take pictures of, but here’s the last three, made by Lona, Theresa and Pam.

That’s it for this month.  Next month’s theme will be “Thinking of You,” and we’ll have an “Old World” ATC swap for those interested.

Thanks for stopping by.  Comments always welcome!

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Theresa’s Workshop

Yesterday, Theresa hosted another great workshop and earned or bought everything on her wish list!  She was a very happy camper!  As always, you can click on a picture to enlarge it.

First, here I am demonstrating watercoloring standing up!  I showed how to color with reinkers and markers.

Watercoloring demo

Then I showed how to stamp on candles.  Actually, you stamp on tissue paper, color the image, tear it out and apply it to a candle with waxed paper and a heat gun.  Jenni Mouer did a great tutorial on this years ago on Splitcoaststampers and they have since added a video to it here.  Pam took some pics of me as I demonstrated this cool technique.

It’s always a WOW moment when the image starts to melt into the candle and the colors pop!  Janice won this candle in a prize drawing.  I gave a completed candle project to Theresa as a hostess gift. 

Theresa's candle 

Connie, Pam and Linda had a good time!  Look at that cheese and fruit tray! 

Ladies at table 1

Janice, Theresa and Eleanor loved their make and takes.

Ladies at table 2

We made a lovely black and white Christmas card with Scenic Season and a super easy one-layer card with Elements of Style.

Scenic Season

Elements of Style 1 layer

I had two other drawing prizes, a little birdhouse and the little purse we made at Holly’s workshop.  Details on the purse are in the August 22, 2010, post below.

Beautiful Wings 

Here’s the birdhouse, modified from a box here. 

I got the idea to make it into a birdhouse with sweet treat cups from Valita at her August 16, 2010, post here. 

I think that covers everything and gives credit where credit is due.  Thanks for stopping by.  Comments always welcome!

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Links for Magnolias and Roses

I have posted this picture of rose/magnolia flowers on top of boxes made with Top Notes a couple of times . . .

Magnolia & Rose boxes

. . ., but it looks like I never provided a link to the video tutorials in this blog.  Probably because I was going to show how to make these at a workshop, which I did and then I forgot to post a link.  These are gorgeous, but very easy, flowers made from SU's ornament punch.  There are several videos on youtube, but this one by The Scrappin Mama is for the magnolia with glossy cardstock:   here.  Here's another one, by yoyostamps, slightly different on how to make a rose with regular cardstock:  here.  I learned something from both videos.

After I made a few of these, I determined that I wanted the green leaves on the bottom to stick out further from the base of the flower rather than just being the bottom layer of petals, so I modified the base just a bit with little extenders cut from scraps.  If you watch the videos, you will see that this makes sense.  This extends the leaves out from the base about a quarter of an inch.

Magnolia & Rose leaves

All of the glue and strips are totally hidden once you glue this to the bottom of the rose or magnolia.  These leaves are curved down and the petals of the flowers curve up.

I also assembled my flowers with fast-drying tacky glue instead of glue dots or double-stick tape.

I’m working on a post for Theresa’s workshop and tonight is my stamp club meeting, so more later!

That’s it for now. Comments always welcome.

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