Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Missouri Botanical Gardens

Dear Misty and Bob are members of the MBG and Misty took me as her guest the morning after we had done the Arch.  We wandered the gardens all morning and had a good lunch before we went home.  Lots of gorgeous flowers, even if the biggest show of summer was past.  Here we go.  This was the first pic Misty took in the garden.  She loaned me her MBG brolly as my sunshade!

Kathy at fountain

Me on a throne in the Ottoman Garden.

Throne Kathy

Me and Misty on the throne.

Throne Misty & Me 

Schoenberg Temperate House has a gorgeous tiled garden on the lower level.  Here we are overlooking it.

Temperate House M & K Temperate House Tile Garden  

Linnean House, this brick conservatory built in 1882, is the oldest continuously operating display greenhouse in the United States.  Why this is crooked, I have no idea. Inside it is full of cactus and other succulents.

Linnean House 2

Outside is a pretty water garden.

Linnean House

Huge, Santa Cruz water lilies.  Pads are about a yard across, all sprouting out of a central core.

Santa Cruz Water Lilies 1

Huger, Victoria water lilies.  These pads and buds were covered with spikes.  No froggies wanna climb on those!

Victoria 2

Here’s the Climatron from the pond with the huge lilies in it.  This is patterned after something by Buckminster Fuller.


Here’s some pics from inside the Climatron.  The Pitcher Plant is only thing I know name of.

This is a waterfall in the Climatron.

Climatron Waterfall

Outside the Temperate House was a surprise!   Autumn Crocus.  Who knew!

Autumn Crocus

There was a garden set aside for the blind with touchable plants and Braille signs.  This bed of marigolds had something long and fuzzy in it, no idea what.  Intriguing, no?

Marigolds with tails

That’s it for the MBG, except for Chihuly.  Comments welcome.

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Anonymous said...

We had such a great visit with our FL friends. Thanks for letting us show you our favs in st Louis.
Kathy and Russ came bearing gifts too. Kathy made us a big can of her yummy Christmas cheese mix, but we ate out of their can, while we played Dominos (Mexican train) in the evening. I have to confess though, that our can is long gone too. Kathy also brought lots of fun projects for us to play with in the basement. We both love card making. Kathy made me some beautiful note cards also. Russel bought Bob a very special gift, an arrow, made by his brothers. We are talking a "real Native American" arrow, that could be in a museum. Bob has not stopped showing it to everyone he knows.