Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dog Days of August

Well, it’s been a long, hard fight, but I think we are actually past the worst of summer, or will be once August is done.  Irene is going north to hammer my favorite Cape Hatteras lighthouse on its way to hammer New England.  We sure dodged that bullet, considering the dreaded “Cone of Uncertainty” had us in the bulls eye on Sunday.  Cone kept edging east, phew.

Russel and I went to Deland last weekend and I bought a couple of things at my fave quilt shop for making fabric flowers that can also be used to make paper flowers. Bought a couple of templates to try out.   Here’s what the fabric ones look like.

Flower Samples 2 Flower samples 1

A few days ago, I was watching some recorded shows and kept seeing flashes of white out the front window.  Took a peek and saw these bird footing around across the street.  I think they are ibises.  Long red bills, but pointy, not spoon shaped.  Click on the pic to enlarge it, then hit back.


Last, but not least, I finished my Matryoshka dolls card and will get it out soon to my twin nieces.  The back side matches the ribbon bows.

Kathy's Project

That’s it for now.  Thanks for stopping by. Comments always welcome, especially Dee’s.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August Creative Images Meeting

We had a good turnout on a dark and rainy night, with ten ladies bringing exchange cards following our theme of “A Bird in the Hand” and Linda and Ursula providing the matryoshka nesting dolls card.  In the future, if we can’t think of something to follow the theme, just think of it as a guideline and bring along whatever card you want.  Our treasury made some money last night for non-exchange card participants, me included.  I knew it was a guideline, I just couldn’t decide on a card.  My bad.  The ones we got were pretty good, though. 

First up, Therese’s fussy cut hand holding an egg over a couple of pretty blue birds.  What came first, the egg or the bird?  Click on any pic to enlarge it, then back to return.


Herman cleverly combined this photo of cupped hands with a gold-embossed hummingbird.


Here we are, side by side.  No rhyme or reason to this silly blog doing that.  sigh.

On the left is Holly’s birdcage lady holding a bird in her hand.  On the right, Jeannie made this gorgeous peacock.  See, a guideline.

Bird-Holly Bird-Jeannie

On the left is Lona’s red-cheeked birdie.  I miss red-winged blackbirds sitting on top of cattails.  On the right is Melanie’s mitten holding a little bird.

Bird-Lona Bird-Melanie

Nancy Nottingham was a guest last night and she made the bird on the branch with button accents.  I think she is joining our group.  On the right is Pam’s little birdie told me. 

Bird-Nancy Bird-Pam

Back to single file.  sigh  This beautifully colored cardinal was done by Rosie, a head start on Christmas.


Tange made these three beach chicks, coloring them brightly and adding yellow flocking for fun. Love those purple sunglasses!


Below are Linda and Ursula’s two project samples.  They provided everything to cut out each layer, down to the hair, the buttons, ribbons, googly eyes and rhinestones for the hair.  Great job, ladies.  Mine will go next month to my twin great nieces.

Project Sample 2 Project Sample 1

Here’s Rosie’s, Jeannie’s and Melanie’s projects.  Rosie is sending hers to her granddaughter who’ll be five (I think).

That’s it for now.  Next month our challenge cigar boxes are due and the exchange theme is “Fall Harvest.”  Thanks for stopping by. Comments always welcome.

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