Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Chihuly Installation, Missouri Botanical Gardens

I had wanted to save the best for last of my pics, but with the way blogging works, last in is first seen.  When Misty took me to see the MBG, the installations of Chihuly glass were a complete surprise.  Dale Chihuly is a fabulous glass artist from the Pacific Northwest and I have been to many of his installations, most memorably those in Seattle, at Gonzaga University in Spokane, and the Morean Art Center in St. Petersburg.  At the MBG were two sets of orange glass flowers in the Climatron, yellow covers on two gates, Walla Wallas in several of the ponds and the hanging display in the front entry. Walla Wallas are what Chihuly calls the glass onions floating in the ponds, named after the sweet onions from Walla Walla, Wash.  So, here we go.  Click on any picture for details, then back to return.

These are two of the gates into the rose garden (sealed shut, so go figure) with Chihuly glass on top of them.  Rising suns!

 Gate Kathy

Detail.  Flames?

Gate top

Two glass sculptures (I hesitate to call them snakes!) in the Climatron.  One in the shade, one in the sun.

Glass Plants 1 Glass Plants 3

The pond next to old entrance to the gardens.  The Walla Wallas are tethered somehow.  They bob and blow about a bit in any breeze, but not much.

Pond at old gate

Naked lady riding a porpoise!


Skinny couple.

Skinny couple

Sun and shade.  So pretty.  Love the blue flowers.

Walla Wallas 3

In front of the Climatron.

Walla Wallas and Climatron

Last, but not least, the hanging sculpture in the front entrance to the gardens.  Dark blue at the top, down to white at the bottom.

Blue Hanging

Because I can and because I looked them up on line, here’s two pics I found.  First is the Red Chandelier which permanently occupies the interior apex of the Chancellor's Room at Gonzaga University.  Saw this shortly after it was installed.


And to get you to go to St. Pete to the Morean Art Center, here is the Mille-Fiore, the gloriously lit, mirrored-bottom garden.  Saw this, too, among many other gorgeous sculptures by Chihuly.


Loved everything about St. Louis, the food, the flowers, the River, but will miss my good friends more than anything else.  sniff

Sad goodbye

Comments welcome.

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Anonymous said...

I thought everything we did was wonderful, but MBG is my favorite thing to do year round. I am so happy Kathy loves gardens as much as I do.

Anonymous said...

Wow girl! You made those photos come to life with your narrative, and now I MUST go to St. Louis for a visit rather than just pass through. What a wonderful trip. Your good times with your friends remind me of our trips with our friends, Dave and Sue Miller of Evansville, IN. Thanks for sharing everything.