Monday, March 16, 2009

Discovery Launch Video

For those who are space junkies like me, here is a link to the video on our local news station's website:

Took Russel's pics to be developed today, so hope to have better pics on here soon.

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Discovery Launch

Russel and I finally made it to a shuttle launch after being here for five years! But the shuttles are going to be retired next year, so we had to go while the going was good. This launch had been delayed 5 days and wasn't a night launch as earlier planned, but this sunset launch of Discovery was a colorful extravaganza against the lavender sky. We managed to find a spot on the shore of Titusville, across the Intercoastal Waterway from the Kennedy Space Center and the shuttle liftoff complex. I apologize for the blurry pics, but my little digital was pedal to the metal and doing the best it could at it's farthest range. Because of the water between us, we couldn't feel the Earth shake, but we could hear it off in the distance, but I'm sure Russel heard it louder than me. This first pic is right after they lit the engines. Good thing I managed to keep my jaw off the ground to take this!

Here, Discovery has cleared the pad and where I started to hear the roar in the distance.

Looks like the sun as Discovery keeps climbing!

She's starting to tip over toward the northeast, still all in one piece!
Continuing to pull off to the northeast, blazing quite a trail as she prepares for separation.

Horrible pic, but definitely separated from fuel tanks.

Sun shone bright on loopy trail way up in the air. Vagaries of breeze make trail look like Discovery did a loop de loop, but NOT!
Awesome trail that remains after Discovery is long gone. Setting sun made trail look like Discovery was still up there!

Last pic as we were leaving. Don't know if the trails would have been as colorful in the dark, but these at sunset were really cool.

It took us and thousands of others more than an hour and a half to actually get out of Titusville. Next time, we will leave earlier and actually get out to the KSC so we can feel the Earth shake and I can hear the roar better. We'll also plan to spend the night someplace like Merrit Island so we don't get home so late. Our evening started with Chicago deep dish pizza at Uno's in Daytona Beach and ended with a glorious lift off. Can't wait to go again! Russel took 48 pics with our old 38 mm camera and telephoto lense. Taking them today to be developed and put on a disk and will share the good pics when I get them.
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tange's Project

When I posted the pics from Monday night's stamp club, I didn't post the pics of Tange's project because I had only the one pic of her sample. This morning, I finished my little purse, so here are two pics of the cute little purse Tange did for her project. She used wire for the purse handles, DSP to layer on the front, punched out flowers with brads for the clasp and colored floss to close the flaps.

Tange passed out lots of different colors and I chose pink with a bright paisely. My digital camera likes to make things orange (only when it feels like it, of course), so this doesn't look very pink.

Great project, Tange!
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Monday's Stamp Club

March's meeting last night had lots of originality in the challenges and different techniques for the exchange cards. The challenge was to make something out of a CD and the exchange theme was "Be Creative With Technique."

First up, my exchange card, an accordian flower. Bare instructions for this were in the Sale-A-Bration catalog. I scored my CS every half inch. It was a real bear to make and certainly won't be mailed anywhere except in a padded envelope. I needed to be in a padded room to make it as it definitely had a mind of its own! Lots of glue holding that puppy together! I used So Saffron and Certainly Celery CS and Delicate Dots DSP. Tossed in some Certainly Celery ribbon from the SAB ribbon bundle for the stem and leaves.

This next exchange card is Therese's lilac die cut done with her Cricut machine. I love lilacs and got this one in the exchange! Woo hoo! It will fit in a 3 x 3 envy.

Lona did this next exchange card with hemming tape and gold embossing. A very different technique for a background.

Helen did this with aluminim foil adhered to a piece of CS then run through her Cuttlebug with an embossing folder. Very cool way to get a metallic card. Love that butterfly punch, too!

Tange did this cowboy card by embossing the boots on a piece of leather. It looks like she scorched the torn edges of the striped layer, too.

Next up is Therese's First Place winner for the Challenge. She covered a CD (or two) with paper, vintage photos, put wings on and clock works. Voila. Time flies! Therese is the real artiste in our group. Where does she come up with these ideas?

Rosie received Honorable Mention for her Happy Hello Challenge. She busted up her CD and added the pieces as a border at the bottom.

Elle received Honorable Mention for her Challenge, a foamy fish mobile using her CD's in the body.
Theresa was the Third Place winner for her Snap Shots Challenge. I think this will be a small photo album full of, what else, snap shots!

Helen received Honorable Mention (did I say that was a three-way tie!) for her You Dazzle Challenge mobile. Helen also made a matching purple box.

Next is the top of my CD Challenge, a little box covered with some of SU's Pink Flamingo DSP and embellished with a few of the Pretties flowers and a half pearl. I won the second place prize!

Here's my little box open. I made lots of boxes long ago and far away, but they were covered with fabric. Much easier to do than with paper!

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