Thursday, September 24, 2015

September Creative Images Meeting

We had our meeting on September 9 and since I’ve slept since then, let’s hope I can manage to blog them sensibly.  I did process the pics, i.e., resize and rename them, a couple weeks ago with a little help from Pat R, so we should be okay.  Our theme was Autumn, challenges were due and Jeannie had the project, color burst water coloring.  So, here goes.  Everybody that brought in an exchange card, did great Fall submissions. We owe a quarter if we don’t have an exchange, but Pat J got a pass for her really good excuse!  Her house burned up! Sorry, Pat, I couldn’t help it.

First up, Cheryl B’s cute little House Mouse flying away on a Fall leaf. 

Ex-Cheryl B

Cheryl M (more on her later!) made this little row of pumpkins for a good Fall birthday card.

Ex-Cheryl M

Ella did this fallen leaf with lots of texture by dry embossing.


Jeannie sort of had the same idea as Ella with her diamond shapes.


My card on the left is a CASE of Cheryl M’s swap from a couple months ago.  I really loved her card, obviously!  Pat R made this darling shaker card with tiny leaves flying around.

Ex-KathyEx-Pat R

Therese didn’t do a card, but she brought in this cute Halloween treat bag for her exchange.


Next we voted on our challenge entries.  Too bad we had no fourth prize, as we had four entries!  I was amazed at all of them. The challenge was to do something with a Cricut cartridge box, a little oar, and some paint chips.  I had absolutely no idea what to do, so didn’t.  First is Cheryl B’s outside and inside, a little jewelry box. Be sure and click on each pic for details, then back to return.

Challenge Cheryl B 1Challenge Cheryl B 2

Next is Cheryl M’s box with a pretty snowy scene on the outside and inside was a little Christmas in the snow and woods.  Her oar was what held the box open.

Challenge Cheryl M 1Challenge Cheryl M 2

This was Pat R’s box with a door and wreath on the outside.  I love her mail slot!  Inside is a window on Fall and a doggie in the recliner looking out the window.  I think Pat R won first prize.

Challenge-Pat R 1

Challenge Pat R 2

Here is Therese’s challenge with butterflies and flowers.

Challenge Therese

I’m sorry, but I don’t remember who won second and third prize.  Slept since then.

Jeannie showed us a new watercolor technique she found at Stampfest using a very intense finely powdered medium.  Here are pictures of her samples.

Project Sample 1Project Sample 2

Project Sample 3Project Sample 4

The leftover powder on your palette can be used to die ribbon, etc.

Project Sample 5

Cheryl M shared with us her news that she and her man of 40 plus years were getting married in the new year!  Here’s her engagement ring.  Best wishes to both!


Finally, because I can, here’s a teaser on what I’ve been so busy with for last week or so.  Getting ready for a Stampin’ Up workshop at Pam’s this Saturday.  The snow be getting deep in Ocala!

Snowflake teaser

Will post pics after the workshop to show you all what I did with all these snowflakes and the gold embossed ones not shown here.  I have silver and gold glitter everywhere!

That’s all for now.  See you in October.  Comments always welcome.

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

August Creative Images Meeting

We had a small turnout for our meeting last Wednesday, but we still had fun.  Cheryl B had to back out of doing her project for health reasons, so I volunteered to bring in one of my Paper Pumpkin projects that I had bought a refill kit for.  This was the PP for December 2014.  First we did our exchange cards with the theme of Vintage/Shabby Chic.  Click on any pic to enlarge, then back to return.

I had no idea what shabby chic actually was, but these first two ladies apparently knew!  First is Ella’s pink feathered explosion (she named it).  Next is Pat R’s collage arrangements of butterflies, pearls, doily, flowers . . .  Both perfectly shabby chic!

Ex-ElleEx-Pat R 

Jeannie went for vintage and shabby chic, with a Roaring Twenties lady behind net and embellished with ribbons and flowers.  Mine is definitely vintage, two stylish ladies taking a walk on the Seine in Paris.  My sister said they look like ladies out of Downton Abbey!


Pam made this lovely embellished fan out of a folded doily and added ribbon, borders, embossing, flowers . . .


My project was made with the shaker card PP.  I had enough spare parts that each lady got to make what they wanted, birthday cards!  Pam had her own PP kit, so she just helped with her stamps and ink spot.  I only took a picture of the thank you shaker card I made.

Shaker Card Project 

For show and tell,I also brought in another card from a PP kit I had made before, Thanks a Latte.  The kit had everything in it, including the paperclip with the bow already on it.

Thanks a Latte

At my request, Pat J brought in two cards for show and tell that she had recently made for her online group.  Here are pics of the outside and the inside of each card.  The first has a diamond fold and could stand up.

Pat J S & T1APat J S & T1B

The second has 3-D gifts inside.

Pat J S & T2APat J S & T2B

That’s it for this month.  See you in September.  Comments always welcome.

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

July Creative Images Meeting

We had nine ladies at last night’s meeting (yes, I am posting before 24 hours is passed) and all but one brought in an exchange card.  How will our treasury make any money that way!  Our theme was H2O/Rain and everybody fit the theme, one way or another. We had lots of rain and several umbrellas!  Click on any pic for a close-up and back to return.

First,we have Cheryl B’s card that is raining umbrellas!  Like a scene out of Seattle where they call them bumpershoots and even have a festival for them. Yes, it rains that much in Seattle.  Next is Cheryl M’s bashful manatee that thinks it might be a mermaid.  Background with glossy CS turned out well.

Ex-Cheryl BEx-Cheryl M

Eleanor did this tottery old couple with their doggie, letting friends be an umbrella.


Jeannie did this pensive blue lady on the beach under her brolly (that’s what Canadian and Brits call their umbrella).


Here’s my clouds lined with aluminum to pretend to be silver linings.  Pat J made this rain or shine black and yellow brolly, with yellow/gold Stickles. 

Ex-KathyEx-Pat J

Pat R made this pretty pink brolly with her rain falling up hill.  Pat J said I was awfully strict for insisting that rain fall down hill, but hey, gravity works!  Therese made this bright little rain on your parade card with my favorite technique, fussy cutting!  The rain and puddles are from a die! 

Ex-Pat REx-Therese

Pat R’s project was Christmas in July. She used an old SU die for the wreath and Cherry Cobbler and Mossy Meadow for the CS.  We could use tiny red jewels or red Stickles for the berries.  Really cute card, Pat.  Thanks.

Project sample

Stampfest was a couple weekends ago in Lakeland.  Cheryl M drew the short straw for having to drive, but decided she’d take herself and the two Pats in a stretch limo. Way to raise the bar for drive sharing, Cheryl! Swiped this pic off Cheryl’s Facebook page and posting it here with her permission.


That’s it for this month.  Thanks for stopping by.  Comments always welcome.

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Creative Images June Meeting

Our meeting on June 10 was well attended and we had a good exchange theme, Circus/Carnival/Fair.  We also did a swap of six thinking of you cards.  Five ladies participated in the swap, so we each got one of ours back.  Yay!  I might have messed up on identifying the swaps since the ones I have pictures of are not the same as the ones I got (one of which was not signed).  If I did not name them right, let me know and I’ll fix it.  Click on any pic to see details and back to return.

These first three look like three versions of the same stamp, maybe.  The first one maybe not, the next two for sure.

First is Cheryl B’s ticket to happiness.

Ex-Cheryl B

Next is Ella’s Admit one.  She carried out the theme inside and on the envelope!


Therese’s “not my circus, not my monkeys,” is something I can definitely hear her saying.


Here’s my hot air balloon.  Learned how to do the reflection in a Paper Pumpkin video. I used that washi tape inside and on the envelope, too.


Here’s Cheryl M’s lion at the circus card.

Ex-Cheryl M

Pam went nuts with punches on her clown card.  Cute!


Pat J did his happy clown card with lots of fussy cutting, but what’s up with the clown with his head in his lap?!  I think Pat said she did the balloons with sponge daubers.

Ex-Pat J

Jeannie forgot the theme, but this is a nice “ship” card from her stash.


Our swap netted us some nice thinking of you cards.  First, here’s Cheryl B’s sunny card, I think.

Swap-Cheryl B

Here’s Cheryl M’s card made with one of my favorite 3-step stamping sets from long ago. I think I need to dig it out and play with it.

Swap-Cheryl M

Here’s mine using DSP and a matching embossing folder, sanded to show the white core.


Here’s Pam’s looking very soft with pastels and tiny pearls. 


Here’s Pat J’s using DSP.  All of hers were different.  The one I got has a buckle on it, but uses same colors and DSP.

Swap-Pat J

Cheryl B did our project, a waterfall card.  Here are two of her samples. The one on the left is not quite finished so she could show us how it goes together. I finished mine and it looks a lot like the masculine sample, but it has a ribbon on the bottom for the pull.  I like the feminine one, too, and that’s what I put together for Helen to finish.

Sample 1Sample 2

Last, just because I can, here are some thank you cards I made for Pat J to pick one as my thank you for her online order.  She chose the one with rainbow “THANKS.”

That’s it for this month.  Thanks for stopping by.  Comments always welcome.

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