Monday, May 4, 2015

Shoebox Swap May 1, 2015

My friend Jeannie knows that I love shoebox swaps and when a group she meets with on the first Friday of each month planned a swap, she invited me to join in.  I asked if our friend Pam could come too and Jeannie said sure.  Several ladies Pam and I already knew, besides Jeannie – Tange, Therese and Bonnie.  Our hostess was Jan, but she just came to socialize as she hadn’t been feeling well. Jan’s husband let us into a nice meeting room of an organization he belongs too.  I took pictures of each sample and promised I would blog them, so here they are.  I personally haven’t finished all of mine, but I have everything I need to finish each one. 

These first two are by Amy and Bonnie.  The flowers were stamped and punched already for each kit.  The doll was by Bonnie and included paper piecing on the dress and fussy cutting along the side.  Amy and Bonnie wanted to make sure I added that their cards were inspired by cards they had seen on Pinterest.


The motorcycle card is by Jeannie.  She had everything already stamped and die cut for a car, but Pam’s and my DH are mocy kind of guys, so we stamped and die cut the mocys for our cards.  The mosaic and butterflies was my card.  My card was also inspired by Pinterest, specifically Knall Crafting out of the UK.


Pam made the box-pleated butterfly card and Patty did the coffee cup, both inspired by Pinterest.


Tange made this little berry basket with lots of goodies inside – bag topper, tags, etc.  Therese made this beautiful die cut rose and colored it with pastels and markers. 


That’s it till next time.  Comments are always welcome.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Creative Images April Meeting

Well, it’s back in the saddle I yam.  Been mostly gone and no one has come forward to say “Here’s the pics from the March meeting,” so I’ll just pick up with April’s meeting.  The exchange theme was “grunge” and Pat J did a great project of stamping on fabric, finally.  She was supposed to do that in January at the stamp camp, but her sister needed her in Rhode Island, in February Pat was sick, along with a lot of other members, and in March her sister’s husband passed.  I spent the greater part of March either getting ready to go visit friends and my sister, being there, or recovering.  I processed the pics from the club meeting and fell into a black hole of pics from St. Louis and Minnesota.  Had to stop working on those, but will do a post soon of the best of my trip. Clydesdales, any one?  LOL

Only five brought in grunge exchange cards.  Not a very popular theme, I guess. The first exchange card is by Cheryl B.  I took the picture but don’t remember if the big butterfly is a die cut or embossed.  Still pretty.

Ex-Cheryl B

Ella did this charming little blue bird, sponging around the edges to grunge it up.


On the left is the sponged graph card I made in St. Louis at my friend’s swap.  On the right is Pam’s die cut hello on top of her grunged up embossed white on white background.


Therese really got into the theme, smearing and dribbling on her stamped flowers. 


Those of us who accepted the challenge of stamping something on blocks of 1x4 wood blocks brought in their art work.  First, Cheryl B made this photo holder with a different moonlit scene on each side.

 Challenge-Cheryl B 1Challenge-Cheryl B 2

Pat R painted her block white and stamped SU’s Sheltering Tree on it.  The back side is almost identical.  Pam just bought that set which I will borrow.  hee hee

Challenge-Pat R 2

Therese made this little mermaid with shells, using lots of techniques and doll hair for the mermaid.  She was holding an octopus and had a sign, “She sells seashells . . .”

Challenge-Therese 1 

Pat J’s project was stamping on fabric.  Cheryl finished her lighthouse, like Pat’s  sample on the bottom right.  Mine is in the works with the blue tape and Pat R finished her apron with flowers.

For show and tell, Cheryl brought in the Santa ornament she is making a bunch of for Christmas gifts.

S & T-Cheryl M

That’s it for this month.  I’ll post again soon with pics of my travels.  Thanks for dropping by.

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Feb. Creative Images Meeting

We are back into our regular meeting/project schedule now that the new year and holidays are all done.  Besides it being a regular meeting, it was Valentine’s time, so our exchange theme of “penguins” included some Valentine penguins.  Stampin’ Up’s owl punch got a good workout, too, making penguins.

First, I have to apologize for the yellow tint to the pictures as I am still learning my new camera.  With Print Shop, Russel was able to correct the ones that had a lot of totally white areas, but you can still see the yellow.  The cards with too many shades, he couldn’t do anything with.  Sorry.

These first two are a good example.  Cheryl B’s snowflakes had too much blue mixed in, but it was really pretty and glittery IRL.  Ella made the cute little dresses and shoe Valentine.  Click on any pic to enlarge and back to return.

Ex-Cheryl BEx-Ella

On the left is my Valentines card with two little penguins made with the Owl punch.  On the right is Pam’s birthday card with that same punch, but I think she forgot the wings made from the cut off ears. I know this because we both used the same Pinterest sample to come up with a penguin.


Pat J made this layered heart with a pretty heart embossed background.  Pat R made the cute die cut cupid mounted over a doily.

Ex-Pat JEx-Pat R

Tange used her owl punch to make her little penguin into a Christmas card.


Last, Therese did this Valentine collage with vintage papers. Much better IRL.


Helen had the project this month, a cute little two-pocket treat holder.  We folded and scored and punched and stamped, finally putting a little mint patty in each side.  Very cute.

Helen's sample 2

Helen's sample1

Pat J brought in her sample of stamping and painting on a t-shirt.  This will be her project at March’s meeting.  Bring your t-shirt or whatever you want to stamp on next month.

Pat J sample

Inside this little treat holder, handed out by Ella, was a little chocolate heart.  Yumm.


That’s it for this month.  Thanks for stopping by.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Creative Images 2015 Stamp Camp

Sorry it took me so long to get these blogged.  I have no good excuses except severe lackawanna.  I’ve been processing lots of pics and finally finished the ones from our January 17 stamp camp. Pat J had a family emergency that took her up to Rhode Island just in time for the Blizzard of ‘15 to mess up her getting home.  She’ll do her fabric painting project in March. Therese and Jeannie did the other two projects.

First up, Therese taught us a new technique using different mediums to give different textures to our canvas.  At our Christmas party, we had prepared the canvas with the thicker medium on the bottom and a crackly medium on the top so that everything would be dry for our stamp camp project.  We colored the base with acrylic paint to get what we wanted to end up with, stamped the images on tissue, then applied the torn out images where we wanted them before affixing them with a clear medium.  (I’m sorry, Therese, but I have no idea what mediums we worked with.)  Here’s a pic of a picture being assembled by Jeannie.  Click on the pic for details and back to return.


You can really see the crackly sky in this final result.


Bonnie was a guest and she made this beach scene.


Therese made these as samples, a frog on a lily pad and . . .

Therese 1

a sunset tropical beach.

Therese 2

Jeannie’s guest, her friend Marian, did this mountain scene.


Pam made this mountain scene.


Tange made this lacy butterfly.


I got crowded in this scene of a cabin in the mountains under a moon.

Kathy 2

After our meeting and lunch, we did Jeannie’s project of a Zutter book. Look at my last post to see pics of a book Jeannie made as her sample.  I made mine as a birthday reminder.  All finished except for putting letters for “BIRTHDAYS” and a dragonfly charm on the front.  Came out pretty good.

Kathy Book 1Kathy Book 2

That’s it for now.  Thanks for stopping by.

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Creative Images Christmas Party

It’s been crazy busy for me this whole month, what with traveling to Alabama (got home in time for party), Sarasota, company from out of town, Christmas . . .  At least I am getting the party from December 10 blogged before I do any of the other stuff or process any of the thousand or so pics I have of Christmas lights.  I went nuts for lights this year and my darling Russel took me to see them all, sometimes more than once.  I have to process the pics and winnow out the best to share, but that’s for another day. 

First up, our exchange cards, theme, you guessed it, Christmas!  First is Cheryl B’s three Wise Men.  Simple, but gorgeous.  Look at the detail of all these by clicking on the pic, then back to return.

Ex-Cheryl B

Next is Cheryl M’s beautiful snowflakes.  I think it was a punch she used for the embellishment focal point.

Ex-Cheryl M

Ella made this cute little snowman with lots of extra touches.


Helen used a postage template and deckle cut some designer paper to fit in for each stamp.  Jeannie made this elegant flying reindeer in rich, but non-traditional colors.


I made this door window with the Wondrous Wreath stamp and die.  The little cardinals are made from the small wing on Build a Bird punch and half of the tiny heart punch.


Pam made this gorgeously simple card with an embossing folder and tiny glittery cardinals.


Pat R made this beautiful card with ornament stamps and either a die or punch.

Ex-Pat R

This is Tange’s antiquey looking poinsettia that she sponged all over.  I have to try this with my set.  I’ve always colored mine, but this looks way easier.


Therese colored this post card and added the holly embellishment.  Lovely.


These are four cute little gifts passed out at the party.  I’m sorry, but I don’t have written down who made the little hand sanitizer holders.  I don’t know which Cheryl gave out the little Santa note pads, either.  My bad.

Gift Gift-Cheryl

Ella made the Santa candy canes and Tange the hot chocolate with flavored spoons and marshmallows. 


Now, if only the weather would cool off a little bit, I might enjoy some cocoa!  80 degrees in December is just wrong!

We also had our tag swap. These two are by Cheryl B and Cheryl M.

Tag-Cheryl BTag-Cheryl M

This die cut deer and snowflake is from Ella.


This snowy mitten is from Helen.  I don’t miss cold fingers!


Jeannie made this die cut sleigh, reindeer and star.


This is my Wondrous Wreath tag.


Pat R made this jolly Santa.

Tag-Pat R

Tange made this artsy tag of a mannequin with wings.


I used every tag I got for my local presents and even recycled some from previous years.  I don’t throw them away and they go in the bag with the bows I recycle.

These next four pics are from Jeannie showing more detail for her project for the January stamp camp.  Pics are of the front cover, top, flat and the back cover.

Jeannie 1Jeannie 2Jeannie 3Jeannie 4

That’s it for December’s holiday party.  Hope you all have fun at the Stamp Camp on January 10.   I will be in Fort Lauderdale then, picking up my sister and BIL at the airport and spending a few days with them before they take off on their cruise. I’ll miss you, but happy stampin’! Thanks for stopping by.

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