Sunday, January 10, 2016


  We had our stamp camp shoe box swap yesterday and here I am blogging already!  Don't faint.  We each designed a card and provided everything in packs so we could each make that person's designs.  I messed up and didn't take pics of each sample and make a list of who did what, but I made them all and with a little help from Pat J, I got them all credited to the right person.  The pictures below are mostly final products done by me.
  Cheryl B designed this prettily embossed card, sponged with pink, glittered up just a bit, with the flower colored and fussy cut before adhering.  Final touch is a net cover to soften the whole thing.  I haven't decided what sentiment to put on it, so I haven't trimmed the net.  I haven't put on the little red jewels, yet.

  These pretty tulips were designed by Cheryl M-B.  I water colored it this morning. 

Here's my gold die cut rose, glued down and water colored. 

(Now, it's stuck on centering.)
This tree and boat was designed by Pam, a great guy card for any occasion.

 This cute tic tac toe card was designed by Pat J, also a multi-purpose card good for guys or girls. Everything was die cut or punched with lots of choices:  circles, crosses, stars or hearts.

   This prettily embossed and layered card was designed by Pat R.  All we had to do was assemble it!

  Therese designed this cute coffee card.  She even crimped a piece of CS to use as the sleeve on the cup and gave us a little piece of straw.

This is Jeannie's bright gift card holder with a circus theme.

Busy, busy ladies.

  Cheryl B and Jeannie creating right along.

Here's five of us in the kitchen, Pat R, Cheryl M-B, Pat J, Cheryl B and Therese.

Here I am with wildly curly hair from all the sweat!

    That's it for this month!  Thanks for stopping by.

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Monday, January 4, 2016

Creative Images December Meeting

I've been having a lot of trouble with my blog writer and have had to fall back to my original method which is annoying and not nearly as easy.  Ergo, I won't be writing much more than just identifying pictures as to who did the cards.  The December meeting had no project as we had our Christmas party, but we did exchange cards with the theme of snow or snowflakes.  Here goes. (This will not go smaller, no matter what I tell it and when I previewed this before publishing, it is smaller!)
First is cute polar bears with lace trim by Cheryl B. (Font size changes arbitrary!)  On the right is Cheryl M-B's embossed silent night.  I refuse to refer to her as Cheryl B-M.

Next is Ella's silver snowflake, I think embossed on foil? Next is Helen's folding card and next after it is the inside.

This is Jeannie's embossed in white snowmen.

 This next one is my layered snowflakes, some punched, some die cut.  On the right is Therese's angel.

Next are pics of the goodies table.  I especially loved Cheryl M-B's little waffle pretzel thingies with Rollos inside.  I've made them a couple of times myself.  Cheryl B came late, so I don't have a pic of her veggie chips or licorice whips.

That's it for December.  May need to start my blog over from scratch, but only if I have no other option.  Thanks for stopping by.
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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Creative Images November Meeting

Sorry it has taken me a couple weeks, but, hey, it’s still November!  Been busy with friends and getting ready for Christmas.  Gallons of my Christmas Mix and pounds of fudge, oh my!  I should be getting boxes ready to mail to family, but since I was already on my puter to work on Christmas card letters, before I get busy elsewhere, here goes.

Remember in my last post, I bragged on how it had finally cooled down!  Ha!  After a month of record-breaking heat, it has cooled down again, but only for a couple days.  Thanksgiving weekend will be in the 80’s!  Waaaaaa!

We had no themed exchange card for November, but we did have our Christmas tag swap and the eight who came, all brought twelve tags. Click on any pic to see details, then back to return.  Here goes.

These first two tags of cute polar bears by Cheryl B remind me of the Coke ads of a while back.

Cheryl B

Cheryl M made the Christmas tree with holly tag and Ella made the clear tag.  Somehow, when I picked up my tags from the swap, two of these acetate tags stuck together and I ended up with two!  Since my friend Misty was here from St. Louis, I gave her my extra, and one of mine.  She loved seeing all the tags in real life.

Cheryl MElla

Jeannie made this white embossed on dark blue snowman and I made the blue snowflake tag.


Pam made this evergreen branch with an ornament hanging from it and Pat R made the happy snowman.

PamPat R

Therese made these die cut reindeer cards.


Cheryl M had the November project and provided three different designs of her acetate card.  She provided excellent written instructions and I made a copy for Misty to take back to St. Louis so she could make some, too.  Great project, Cheryl M, thanks. 

Sample 1Sample 2Sample 3

Pat R made one of these cute chocolate holders for each of us as a happy Fall favor.  Yummy!

Happy Fall

Thanks for stopping by.  Comments always welcome.

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Creative Images October Meeting

Before I start on the meeting, I have to wax poetic about the change in the weather.  Thank God it’s COOLER!  I have woke up the last three days to a house that is cooler than the setting of 74 that has been on the A/C since April, 24/7.  I actually started the last few days in a top that has sleeves!  Short ones, of course, but not a tank top!  Still in shorts and sandals, but that won’t change for another month.  Of course, now that it is late afternoon that I am doing this, I am in a tank top and the A/C has been running.  Oh, well. 
We had eight ladies at our meeting last Wednesday night, and with Pat J still getting a by on doing an exchange card, we had seven for our theme of “Ladies Wear.”  Also,six ladies participated in the ATC swap.  Ellie did the project for October, a darling Halloween card and she brought a great show and tell.
First up, our Ladies Wear cards.  Click on any pic for details, then back to return. Cheryl B starts us off with her fashionable “beautiful” ladies.
Ex-Cheryl B
Ella fussy cut these lovely stylish outfits with pearls on a quilted/embossed background.
Jeannie made this lacy collage with a bra and a camisole.  She wanted to make sure I pointed out the sentiment on the front, “Where is the booby fairy when you need her.”
This is my card with the bra and panties made from a pattern my friend Misty found for me on Pinterest.  If I had it, I would have stamped “Thank you for your support” inside.
Ex-KathyEx-Kathy 2
Pam made this power suit, including lacy edging, a sparkly necklace, and a button.
Pat R made this Halloween colored “Peekaboo” merry widow, with a little treat inside!
Ex-Pat R1
Eeek!  Surprise!  I love how she punched out the spiders on the white piece, drew in the webs, and added tiny eyes with a white pen.
Ex-Pat R2
Therese colored in these four old ladies “waiting for Mr. Right,” that laughed so hard they had “tears running down” their legs.
During the chaos of making our project and sorting out the ATC’s, I neglected to get pictures of two of them.  Luckily, I got Jeannie to make a list describing the ATC’s and who did them, so when I found I missed two, Pam texted me pics of them.  First up on the left is Cheryl B’s Life itself, gently sponged. Pam colored the Fall tree with a rake leaning on it. 
ATC-Cheryl BATC-Pam
These two are Ella’s fussy cut owl and Pat R’s haunted house, that I think was either a die or a Cricut image.
ATC-Ella&Pat R
Here are Jeannie’s “Bee uti ful” bees/
Therese made these crazy Tim Holz birds. I don’t know if they were fussy cut or dies, but they were all cute.
Before she showed us her project, Ella shared with us her pumpkin full of “pumpkin teeth!”  Loved it!
Pumpkin 1Pumpkin 2
Ella’s project really gave me a happy feeling as she liked my bendy Christmas card project from October 2013 so much, she made her Halloween card the same way.  You can see it through my archives to get the link to how I made it.  Ella die cut everything except the ghosts which we fussy cut.
Project 1Project 2
This is my finished version.  While making it, I realized that Ella’s base was one whole piece of cardstock.  Mine had panels that were attached.  Ella must have had some really big cardstock, as opened up the card is more than 12” wide.  Hers was a lot easier to assemble.
Project-Kathy 1Project-Kathy 2
Finally, it was my birthday on the 14th and I got some nice cards from Jeannie . . .
Pam . . .
Pat J . . .
BD-Pat J
and Pat R.
BD-Pat R
Thank you all.  Thanks for stopping by. 
Comments always welcome.
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