Friday, October 10, 2014

October Creative Images Meeting

Once again, Hobby Lobby wasn’t ready for our meeting, so Therese graciously set us up in the sunroom in her brother’s half of their house.  Hopefully, Hobby Lobby will be ready next month.  I think there were 11 of us at the meeting and 8 brought exchange cards.  The theme this month was “In Stitches,” and most of us followed it.  It’s only a guide, not a rule.  Click on any pic for detail, then back to return.

Cheryl B made this cute little Boutique card with her dress frame and sewing machine.

Ex-Cheryl B

Ella brought in her “Little Fruity” card from last month.  I like the torn distressed edges.  Jeannie did the daisy with “sewn on” buttons.  I think she did the flower with watercolor crayons.


I made this patched card with the postage stamp punch and some decorator paper, outlined with a pattern marker for the tiny holes and a black fine point marker.  This is the one of three I finished in time.  I’ll show the others below.


Pam is a knitter and made this cute little card showing a lamb being knitted up.  Pat R made these beautiful embroidered cone flowers.  Variegated pink floss added a lot.

Ex-PamEx-Pat R

Rosie’s card is one of the memoriam cards she made for her husband funeral, but the front can be repurposed as a great guy card, especially for a fisherman.  Therese made this cute little antique sewing machine, working on a bit of stitched ribbon.


Next month’s theme is “Island Fun.”

Ella brought in her proposed project for the January stamp camp (now set for Jan. 10, 2015, at Therese’s house). This is a little packet of square cards for different uses.  

Proposed Project-Ella

Last month, Cheryl M brought in her proposed project.  See last month’s post.  There was a question on whether it would be food safe with the paints on the front, so Pat J made this version with the paint all on the back.  Still starts with a glass plate.  Same method, but now food safe.

Proposed Project 2-Cheryl

Here’s the two cathedral window cards I finished after the meeting.  This is a quilt block, but I made it with designer papers instead of fabric.  One I did with a 1 1/4” circle punch and the other a 1” circle punch. I scored around little chipboard squares on each circle, then folded over the edges to make a square.

Cathedral Window 1Cathedral Window 2

Here you can see the difference in size.

Cathedral Windows

The Ohio Star is another quilt pattern I did with designer papers and a chevron punch.  I “stitched” around each piece with the marking tool and a fine point pen, black on one, white on the other.  I think I’m “stitched” out for a bit. 

Here are a couple of birthday cards I received, the first from my friend Misty in St. Louis.  She used the Kinda Eclectic SU set for this lovely card and SU’s two butterfly punches.

Kinda Eclectic

This second pretty one is from Pat R.  She used SU’s Work of Art set for the paint swipes and the same two butterfly punches Misty used.  I wonder how she lightened the yellow so they seemed to disappear?  I don’t have that many shades of yellow CS.

Work of Art

Cheryl B also gave me a little gift bag with a stamp, some ric rac and candies.  Thanks, ladies.

That’s it for this month.  Thanks for stopping by.

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall, at Last!

My favorite season of the year is Fall, I just love the colors!  And the cooler temps.  Last night it got into the 40’s, the house actually cooled off 4 degrees and with the lower humidity today, we opened the house to actually air it out! 

Florida’s excuse for Fall is just pathetic.  Here’s what passes for Fall around my house.  We have a fence next to the driveway with a vine and Spanish Moss on it.  That’s the only color we ever see, the little red leaves on the vine.

Vine with moss

This is the Water Oak at the end of the driveway. 

water oak

All the leaves will replace themselves, dropping lots of little brown leaves, but that’s it.  Most of the trees in Florida, their leaves just turn brown and fall off. 

I’ve noticed several Autumn wreaths on doors up and down my neighborhood and decided to make one for myself.  Russel was a big help, too, as I wrapped the Styrofoam wreath with burlap ribbon and then sewed the garland on with a curved needle and fishing line.  These pics were with my phone, lousy colors.

Here’s the final product.  Love it!  Pic with new camera.  Colors pretty true.

Wreath 3

For my birthday, my Russel is taking me up to the mountains of Georgia, around Milledgeville and Athens, so I can see some real Fall color.  You can bet I will take lots of pics and share them here.

Thanks for visiting. 

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Monday, September 15, 2014

September Creative Images Meeting

With hardly any notice, Hobby Lobby informed Therese last month that we had no place to meet due to construction on the remodel.  For September, with more notice, they still weren’t ready, so Jeannie graciously held the meeting in her home.  Worked out well.

Our exchange theme for our missed meeting was “A Little Fruity,” and we carried it over into September.  Eight of us participated in the exchange, mostly following the theme.  Click on any picture to see it up close, then back to return.

First, Cheryl B made this yummy strawberry basket with punches, die cuts and embossing.  Could almost smell the strawberries.

Ex-Cheryl B

Ella made this Smile card with dimensional stickers and lace.  The theme is just a guide, after all.


Jeannie made this multi-layered collage of La Paire” for her card. 


This is my lemon card made with scratch and sniff technique, but the embossed lemon scent was mostly worn off.  The glass on the inside is filled with yellow Flower Soft.

Ex-Kathy 1Ex-Kathy 2

Pat J cut the juicy slice of watermelon and mounted it on an embossed background. 

Ex-Pat J

Pam made these cute apple cores with a retired SU label punch.  Who ate those apples?


Pat R wants to squeeze in a chat with her bright fruit slices.

Ex-Pat R

Therese was doubly prepared for last month’s fruit theme and the marble theme for Sep. (now delayed to next year). She had her bases covered with this pear card!


Cheryl M had the project for this month and we all made this cute snowman from various circle punches and embossing folders.

Project Sample-Cheryl

Cheryl M brought in this proposed project for our January stamp camp.  It’s a clear glass plate prepped with stickles and white acrylic paint on the back and then colored on the front.

Proposed Project-Cheryl

Jeannie made this girly card for Therese’s birthday.  I spy a pin of beads like we made last year at stamp camp!

BD card to Therese from Jeannie

Here’s some pics of ladies working on their projects!

That’s it for this month.  Hope we all can get together at our regular meeting place next month.  October’s exchange theme is “In Stitches.” 

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Deland Road Trip Part 2

After Pam and I had lunch and with some GPS problems overcome, we headed over to the Stetson Mansion, yes, that Stetson, he of the famous hats, and arrived for the tour just as the group was heading inside.  JT, one of the owners, was our guide, and our one hour tour was almost two hours.  I had read on the website for the mansion, here, that photography was not allowed inside, so I didn’t take my camera.  For the quilt show, photos were allowed, so I did the best I could with my phone.  I highly recommend that you go everywhere on the Mansion’s website.  It has a great history of the house, the renovation, better pictures, short videos, tour information, etc.  I am for sure going to the Christmas tour.  Wow! 

Most memorable to me were the stunning floors, a different hand-made parquet design in each room.  None of the floors except the kitchen needed to be repaired, just buffed out and revarnished.  I took a few pics, but I oohed and aahed over them all.  There were quilts everywhere, all gorgeous. 

JT explained some of the renovation work he and his partner Michael had done on the house, including stripping wall after wall of wallpaper.  Mind boggling what they accomplished in 18 months.

Here’s two pics of the floors, each piece done by hand.

 SM-Floor detailSM-Floor Detail MB

On the left is an arrangement of a boot quilt, one of Mr. Stetson’s hats and a rope.  On the right is a cowboy quilt, complete with Stetson.

SM-Boots quilt, hatSM-Cowboy quilt

Here’s two quilts made with the new Downton Abbey fabric line from Andover Fabrics, here.

SM-Downton Quilt 1SM-Downton Quilt 2

This is the quilt on the master bed with a glass Stetson on it.

SM-Glass Stetson

I think this is the front parlor with . . .

SM-Front Parlor

a digitalized player baby grand piano that has a Stetson on it.  There’s Stetsons all over the place!

SM-Player Piano & Hat

This was JT’s favorite quilt, a hand appliqued and quilted flower garden.

SM-Hand appliqued Gramma's Quilt

This is the main staircase with chandelier, a favorite route for brides.  Portrait of Mr. Stetson on the wall.

SM-Main Staircase

SM-Main Stair

This is the North side exterior that shows the stained glass on the main staircase.

SM-North side 2

This was one of my favorite quilts, mini nine patch.  My glasses are placed there for size.

SM-Mini Nine Patch

This is another favorite quilt, called Purple Crazy Patch Pizaaz.  Love the pansies.

SM-Purple Crazy Patch Pizaaz

Here’s the west side, the main entrance is under the porch.  Black storm clouds were coming, but we outran them all the way home.

SM-West side 2

This is the SW corner of the mansion.

SM-SW corner

Here’s the north side.

SM-north side

This was the schoolhouse for the Stetson’s three children.  It’s been made into a guest house.

SM-School house

Here’s three pics of the Zen garden.

SM-Zen garden 1SM-Zen garden 2SM-Zen garden 3

The whole day was exhausting because of the heat and bright sun, but Pam and I made it home before we collapsed in heaps to recover.  It was a day very well spent. 

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