Sunday, February 19, 2012

Steve’s Everglades’ Pics

Here’s what my sister sent me of pics her husband Steve took with his SLR digital camera with fancy lenses.  They’re better than the ones I took with my digital Kodak.  Betsy’s e-mail said:  “Steve took these pictures off a boardwalk through the SW part of the Everglades.  The camera wanted to focus on the close objects, not on the baby 'gators...but good enough.   Mama's only job is security..50+ eggs to start, the head count that morning was 10, and we only saw 7 that afternoon  The others may have been hunting minnows or tadpoles.  The bird is an Anhinga...sunning after fishing, which is swimming under water...he spreads his wings to dry them out.


mama and baby   babies


Anhinga swimming

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Deelite said...

The only thing better then these pics, was being right there with all of you. Thanks, Steve for sharing.