Sunday, February 19, 2012

Horse Fever II Road Rally

My one true sweetheart wasn’t around for Valentine’s Day, so he made it up to me big time Saturday.  He said he earned thousands of husband points that maybe managed to get him even.  I think I’ll keep him. 

We started the day in Ocala with an old-fashioned cattle drive through the streets by the railroad downtown.  Hadn’t been one since the 40’s.  Twelve cowboys with some cow dogs, all for 27 head.  They ended up at the Livestock fairgrounds for the youth rodeo.  Here’s the only three pics I managed to take with my phone.  Yep, I forgot my camera.

The Marion Cultural Alliance has sponsored Horse Fever since 2002 and for this 10th Anniversary, a new herd of 27 horses has been painted and spread all over Ocala and surrounding places.  You can find out more about each horse at or  MCA had a Road Rally Saturday with a map to all the horses and a chart to fill in with numbers off of each horse.  That number was a real pain to find and then read as they stuck them up under the horses’ legs so rain wouldn’t wash the numbers away.  The rain held off all day, though it was mostly cloudy.  Good thing.  I wouldn’t have lasted so long on a hot sunny day.  It was an adventure finding all the horses with an imprecise map not to scale, but we managed to finish up just before the drawing at the finishing point.  Didn’t win anything, but still had fun finding them all.  We would’ve finished sooner if we hadn’t had to back track a few times.  Here, in no particular order, are my phone pics of the entire herd.  Most are parked out in front of their sponsor.  Double click on any pic for details, then back to return.

Brick City.  Ocala’s nickname after a fire burned it down long ago.

 Brick City

Broken Beauty.  Embellished with bits of old costume jewelry.  Hope he’s not defaced before he finds new home.

Broken Beauty

World Champ.

World Champ

Celebration.  And a bit of Russel, only pic he is in all day!


Clockwork Fancy.  Only horse not done on the fiberglass frame.  Welded metal and clock parts.

Clockwork Fancy



Event Full.

Event Full

Forest King.

Forest King

Freedom Isn’t Free.  Both sides.

Freedom 1 Freedom 2

Horse Feathers, both sides.  Great Blue Heron, flamingo and Ibis.

Horse Feathers 1

Sandhill Crane, Anhinga and Snowy Egret.

Horse Feathers 2

Horse Play.


Hubble Horse.  A galaxy far, far away.

Hubble Horse

Inspiration and me.  Note the guy crouching to look for the darn number.

Inspiration 1 Inspiration & me



Luce DePinto.  Oh, for some snow.

Luce Depinto

Mask “Herd” Ade.  Appropriate for Mardi Gras. Nice display, too.

Mask Herd Ade

Mistaken Identity.  Dam bright!

Mistaken Identity

Ocala Luna.  Hid this one in the lobby of the Hilton, its sponsor.

Ocala Luna

Parrot-dise and me.

Parrot-dise & me 

Passing Through.  Hidden in a park by a pond.  Mostly found him by accident.

Passing Through

Quarter Horse.  Sad story about how most of his quarters have been popped off and stolen.  Some have been replaced with plastic faux quarters.  Dam shame.

Quarter Horse



Ten Years From Above.  Thought I spotted a familiar shape.  The dark blue bit on his middle shows the Pentagon.  His maps also show bits of Iraq, DC, Penn. and Ocala.

Ten Years from Above

Urban Art.  Graffiti, indeed.

Urban Fever

Wild Abandon.  Bright!

Wild Abandon

Wildfire.  He was the hardest of all to find and the furthest out of town.  He was worth it, though.  Another nice display.


Looking at the box of completed entry forms for those who finished up, there were only about 30 people that managed to find them all.  Tired and dirty, but worth it for the long day.  All of the herd will be rounded up, then auctioned to highest bidders to find new homes.

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~* Tracy *~ said...

wow! That was a huge treasure hunt! My favourite is the clock work horse. Love how they made him out of bits and pieces :)

Deelite said...

Great pics. I just wish I was there to see them in person. They look amazing.