Friday, February 17, 2012

Fort Myers and Everglades

Late last month, Russel and I drove down to Ft. Myers to spend the weekend with my sister and her hubby.  We were lucky enough to also get to see Dee and Bob for a day trip into the Everglades.  We took Dee and Bob’s little doxy Greta along as bait for alligators.  Lucky for her, the gators were uninterested!  

At a great walkway off of US 41, we saw lots of cool birds, gators, etc.  At another walkway, we saw more gators, including babies, and an eagles’ nest.  The ranger said eggs had been laid in the nest a week or so before we got there.  Be sure to click on the pics for details, especially the baby gators and eagle.  In no particular order . . .

Here’s an anhinga drying his wings.  They don’t repel water like a duck.

Anhinga drying

An anhinga swimming underwater hunting for fishies.

Anhinga fishing  

Gator babies sunning on a log.

Babies in sun

Good mama with a baby on her back.  Ranger said babies feed themselves from day one, but mama watches over them to keep greedy dad from eating the babies.

Gator babies - Mom & baby

Gators sunning in river next to US 41.

Sunning turtle.  Laying around in the sun seems to be popular.


Smack in the middle is a bald eagle sitting on a bare branch.  He or she is able to overlook the nest from there.


Eagles’ nest.  It was huge!

Eagle nest

Snowy egret with very last of his breeding plumage left.

Snowy egret

Only pic I have that shows Greta, our bait.  Brother-in-law Steve in back with Dee, Bob and Russel sitting with Greta.

Four on porch

In the BBQ restaurant in Everglades City, was this stuffed gator.  First is Dee’s dismount, brave Steve, ladylike me, and sister Betsy hanging on for dear life.

Here’s me, Steve, Betsy and Russel in front of the Bubble Room, a cool Christmas-themed restaurant on Captiva Island.

Bubble Room quartet

We did a lot of driving for a week, what with going to and from Sarasota and Ft. Myers and the Everglades, but a good time was had by all, even the bait!

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Deelite said...

Kathy, I can't tell you first of all how much we enjoyed our time together, it meant so much to us that you shared your sister and hubby with us. We had such a great breakfast and drive down to Everglade city, with Steve and Betsy, and of course you and Russel. Now to the pics! I think you got some of the best pictures with your camera. The pics of the alligators on the log and the variety of birds, I am just enjoying looking at them so much. Thanks for sharing our special time together.