Monday, May 25, 2009

Agave Update, Etc.

I've been busy making samples and make and take kits for a workshop next Sunday, but I can't share those with you until after workshop. Don't want to ruin surprise! Until then, here's some new pics of the Agave plant just down the street. The first one is from May 17th, it's starting to show more branches for the flowers.

This second pic is from May 21st, looking like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree on top. As you can tell from the sky, it's been really gloomy down here, with tons of rain. I've been by a couple times since this pic, but it's been pouring! Still no flowers, though.

Speaking of pouring, there's a Drainage Retention Area (DRA) on the street I take to get downtown, a mile or so from our house. Ever since Fay last summer, we've been in a drought and the DRA has been just a big open field, no water in it all. I'd look at it after we'd get rain, but nada. Then we had a low pressure system in the Gulf, sending rain bands over Florida for a week. Record rain for May. Lots of flooding on Atlantic Coast side around Daytona. Here in Ocala, starting last week, it rained almost a foot, off and on for days. The DRA started to fill up, a bit at a time. First, some puddles in the grass on the bottom. Then more grass than puddles, then more puddles than grass, then this! A couple feet deep. Room for a few more feet, but looks like rain will be more normal this week. Our lawn has greened up and the drought is officially over.

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~* Tracy *~ said...

that plant just gets weirder and weirder! Can't wait to see what it's flowers look like.

Deelite said...

Bob and I are enjoying seeing your pics. TY for sharing the Florida landscaping with us. That agave plant is so much fun to watch.