Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pam’s Father in Law’s 90th Birthday Celebration

Pam’s last few months have been pretty busy, especially all the work she put in on table decorations for her father-in-law’s 90th birthday party up in Marquette, Michigan, on July 5.  I helped her a little bit and between my pics and hers, we can share everything she made to decorate for the party. 

First, she needed to make a whole lot of spring cards.  I had shown her how to make them years ago.  Surprised she remembered!  Here’s the basic card before folding.

Spring card 1

Here are a blue and red one, before the greeting at bottom or the 90.

Both spring cards

Pam needed 80+ of these and I helped her cut and score the red and blue cardstock.  She cut all the tiny pieces of designer paper.

Pam at work

With the help of Pat J, Pam made all the 90’s with either red or silver shiny CS cut on Pat’s Cricut.  Pam then popped them up on each spring card.

Finished spring cards

These are the little battery-operated tea lights Pam decorated to match the other decorations.  Colors are not very good in this pic of the red, white and blue candles.

Finished tealights

Here’s two of the centerpieces Pam made a bunch of for all the tables.

Centerpiece 1Centerpiece 2

Here’s some of the tables decorated.

Decorated tables

Pat J gave Pam the idea for this birthday card she made for her FIL.

FIL's BD card

The card started with a graph pattern stamped on plain white CS to which Pam added DSP and a greeting.  Below are two cards Pat J made with that graph stamp.

Pat's graph 1Pat's graph 2

That’s it for Pam’s party stuff.  She said her FIL had a blast and so did everyone else, about 60, including family and guests from Florida, Georgia, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Wales and England!

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Anonymous said...

His Sis,

Nice cards for the birthday man and I liked the bathing beaver.


Deelite said...

How lucky Pam was to have you and other friends to help her. What a job, she took on. Great job, ladies, very impressive.