Sunday, February 16, 2014

Creative Images January Stamp Camp

As you can see, I am way behind in my blog, but will try to catch up today with the stamp camp, my trip to Minnesota and the February meeting.  We’ll see how far I get.  I will at least get pictures on here, hopefully not being too verbose while I am at it.

At the stamp camp, the theme for the exchange card was Monochromatic.  Only three ladies remembered there was an exchange card (I said the turn out was “pitiful”), and here they are.  Yes, I forgot.

First Cami did this lovely die cut cream and beige card.


Pat Rockwell made this striking black and white birthday card.

Ex-Pat R

Helen made this white on white snowflake punched, die cut birthday card.  “Birthday” is on the inside.


We had several good projects.  I’ll go in order we did them.  First is Genny’s little tea box with the dahlia on top.  Sort of learned two things in one.  Here’s pics of her samples.  First, two cards she made using her dahlias.

Dahlia cards

Here’s everything lined up nicely.  Genny did a great job showing us how to do everything.

Genny's Project

The first box is Pat R’s and the second one is mine.

Tea Box -Pat RTea Box-Kathy

Next, we did Therese’s project, a cute little suite case card.  Here’s Therese working on getting ready.


Here’s her cute little sample.

Therese's project

Here’s Tange chairing meeting and admiring the snack table. 

Tange and goodies

After lunch, Tange taught us how to make these beautiful flowers.  Mine is on the left and Pat R’s on the right.  Tange’s project was using beads to make embellishments and she threw in this as something extra that she had learned the night before.


Here’s my collection of hat pins made from the beads Tange and Jeannie had picked out.  Mine are in the back, I can’t remember who’s are in the front.


Here’s Genny and Ella discussing the tea boxes.

Genny and Ella

Here’s a bunch of us waiting to get started, Cami, Helen and Pat R in front.  Tange, Helen and Therese in back.


Lest we forget, here’s the statute of Dep. Litz outside the the Sheriff’s Substation where we’ve had our camps the last few years.  Almost ten years since he was killed in the line.

Deputy Litz

That’s it for stamp camp! 

Thanks for stopping by. 

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~* Tracy *~ said...

Those dahlia cards are beautiful. I should learn how to make them. I like those little tea boxes too. I think my little daughter would have some ideas of things to turn it into! She has inherited my creative streak :D