Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sept. Creative Images Meeting, Part Two

Last night we turned in our cigar box challenges and the votes are in.  I will post the winners last.  First up, Connie’s red “She” girl.  Again, I rotated this picture, but blogger wants it sideways.  Grrrr.  I tried it three times and it finally went right.


Next, Pam’s tea pot decorated cigar box.  Her nine-year old niece collects tea pots and this will be her treasure box.


Holly covered her box with birds and a big yellow rose.


Jeannie was finishing up her “music” box right up until the last minute.


My box will be filled with greeting cards and given to some deserving person who shall remain nameless.  I’ll do a separate post on how I made this box, because I can!  LOL


Herman put together this Japanese shrine, complete with the Rising Sun and a candle.  I don’t want to tell you how many times it took me to get this right side up!


Dani made this box with metal flowers and clocks on it.


Here’s Linda’s marvelous merry go round/zoo box.  I think she should have at least got Honorable Mention.


Check out Linda’s tight-rope walking elephant, hula-hooping giraffe, et al.  Some grandchild will love this box!


And the winners are . . .!

Lona got third prize for her challenge box full of love letters.  In the bottom right of the base, it says “A Box of Memories, A Lifetime of Love.” 

Challenge-Lona1  Challenge-Lona2

Therese made this second prize challenge, “It’s All About the Shoes.”  Love the ruby slippers on the bottom!

Challenge-Therese 1 Challenge-Therese2

Last but not least, here is the first prize winner in our challenge, Nancy’s beautifully antiqued box, with lovely brass feet, key and flowers.  Definitely look at this up close to see the details.


Just to show I figured it out, here’s Pam’s project sample right side up.  Not the way it is saved in Photo Shop, but here it is.


That’s it for now.  Thanks for stopping by. Comments always welcome.

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