Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pebble Hill Plantation, GA

Wednesday morning, on our way up to Thomasville, Georgia, we stopped for an hour or so at Pebble Hill Plantation.  We didn’t have time or energy to tour the whole place (it would take at least a whole day), so we ended up taking the docent tour of the main house’s main floor and wandered around a bit. 

First a bit of history.  Wealthy industrialists from northern cities started buying up plantations around Thomasville, then the terminus of the railroad, as winter homes for sporting interests like hunting, fishing, riding, etc.  Crops or cattle were not the norm on these properties.  Pebble Hill’s main home was destroyed by fire in 1934 and rebuilt by Kate Hanna Ireland Harvey.  She died in 1936 and left it to her daughter, Elizabeth “Miss Pansy” Ireland Poe who continued the restoration, planning to leave the home as a museum.   Miss Pansy endowed the plantation as a museum, which it remains today.

The Visitors’ Center is located in the Cow Barn.  Miss Pansy played at raising a dairy herd.  I should live in such a Cow Barn!

After paying for our tickets, we wandered down to the Main House, stopping first to admire the wooden school house, built for use by the children of visitors and employees on the plantation.

Log Cabin School house

No pictures allowed inside the home, filled with Pansy’s collection of sporting art, dog and horse figurines, paintings, statues, etc.  Most notably, the house was full of Audubon prints.  Here’s me at the front of the house.


Here’s the front door out to the gardens.

Front door

Back door out to rose garden and the pool.

Back door

Side door at the end of the loggia.

Side door

This is the old Plantation Store where Pansy sold milk from the PHP dairy to employees and townspeople .


If the house and its 16 bedrooms was full, this is the overflow cottage.

Overflow Cottage

This is one of the magnolias that was in bloom.  Most of the trees were just ramping up, but there were a few full blooms like this one.


I love the way the sun shines down through the Spanish moss on this live oak.

Spanish Moss

On the way out, I took this pic of the alee of live oaks.


That’s it for Pebble Hill Plantation.  Well worth the stop and the price of admission.  More can be found about Pebble Hill here.

I think that’s enough for today.  I still have to blog my favorites of the Thomasville homes.  

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