Monday, May 2, 2011

Old Oak and Museum in Thomasville, GA

Before I get into the mansions of Thomasville, I’ll do a short post on the Thomas County Museum of History and the Old Oak that has been there since around 1680, making it more than 325 years old!

Big Oak

The circumference of the trunk is 26.5 feet! Makes me look small!


The Thomas County Museum of History is in a home built in 1923 in the Jefferson Revival style. Sort of like a small Monticello.

Thomas Co. Museum of History

On the grounds there is an old cabin, the Smith Log House, built in 1860.

Smith Log House

The docent took us inside and showed us the kitchen, breezeway between the main cabin and kitchen and a bedroom. Nine people lived in this one-bedroom cabin and it was considered a nice place as the kitchen was separate and the floors were wood! It had glass windows, too! The bed frame was one of those rope beds that you tighten so you can sleep tight!

For my quilting sister, I took this pic of a very old sunflower quilt on a frame. If she tells me a different name for the pattern, I’ll edit this post. Edited: Betsy corrected me to say it was a "Grandma's Flower Garden" quilt. My friend Fyrne's Mom did one when she was in her 90's!

Quilt Rack

Also on the grounds are these old farm implements and the 1893 Metcalf Courthouse.

Metcalf Couthouse

Couldn’t spend much time wandering. Russel was sitting in the truck in the sun.

That’s it for this post. Thanks for stopping by. Comments always welcome.

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Deelite said...

You look very petite standing next to that big old oak tree. Pretty in pink, you are. The old log cabin reminds me a lot of the cabin at Grants Farm, which you will see when you come to St Louis. I love going on tours like the ones you went on. Guess it was too much walking for Russel, with his knee problems. Thanks for all the photos and tell us about what we missed, So much fun!