Monday, January 17, 2011

Shoebox Swap, Part Two

As promised, here’s the rest of the pics I took at our Shoebox Swap on January 8.  Misty is back home in St. Louis and I’ve got caught up on some stuff.  First up, the exchange cards.  Our theme for January was “Postage.”

Tange had a spare swap sample and since we aren’t anal about the theme, she used this for her exchange card.

Tange's Valentine

Patty did this four seasons of stamps card.

Patty's All Seasons

Here’s Melanie’s birdie on a branch with a pansies love stamp I have to find.

Melanie's Bird on a Branch

Lona made this collage, slipping some stamps in to fit the theme.

Lona's butterflies

Here’s Holly’s Love postcard . . .

Holly's Love Postcard.

. . . and Jeannie’s African “Pachyderme” stamp.

Jeannie's African stamp 

I made this sympathy card using a postage template and scissors.

Kathy's butterfly stamps

Helen made this love card with the same template.

Helen's Love Stamps

Ella made this bright card using foreign stamps.

Ella's Travel Stamps

Cheryl was visiting us and brought this Asian-inspired card using the postage template, I think.

Cheryl's Asian stamps

Misty brought this Springtime card using the template.

Dee's Flower Stamps

Here’s Helen working away on a swap.


Jeannie scored something at the used stamp sale that made her happy!

Happy Jeannie

Ella and Cheryl smiled for me!

Cheryl & Ella

Holly and Pam are engrossed in their swaps and ignoring me.

Holly & Pam

Therese and Linda smiled for me.  Misty is in the back working on my swap.

Ursula & Therese

Patty, Theresa, Janice, Lona, Ella and Cheryl, all busy.

Theresa & Janice

These are the pics Helen shared with everyone.

I’ll be sharing pics of the places we took Misty and Bob to see:  Lighthouses, manatees, beaches. 

Thanks for visiting.  As always, comments are welcome.

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Deelite said...

First of all, I would have been happy to have received any of these cards in the postage swap, but I love the card I got from Melanie as an exchange. I love the idea of the exchange, and want to introduce it to my stamping group. It is so much fun to see what you can do different with one theme. Thanks again for the fun ladies.