Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shoebox Swap, Part One

As most of you know, I’ve been really busy with my friend Diana, a/k/a Dee, Miss Dee and Misty while she and her husband Bob have been visiting from St. Louis.  We had a great time at the swap and I took great photos, but I haven’t been home much to process them what with going to see manatees and lighthouses.  I’ve done a few a day and finished up the shoebox pictures (18 shoeboxes!) yesterday.  I have lots of stuff to blog, but I’ll do these first. (Helen was whining at me yesterday that she has some to finish and can’t remember the sample!  LOL)  I have a little time till I have to fix breakfast, so here goes. As always, click on a pic to see it in detail and then hit “back” to return to the blog.  Unusual for me, I have to be brief!

First up, Tange’s embossed valentine.  I think the greeting ended up different from the sample.

Swap Tange's

Melanie made this tall, bright valentine with a cool fold.

Swap Melanie's Swap Melanie's open

Here’s my snowy Thomas Kinkade scene using packing tape and glitter.

Swap Kathy's

Here’s Ella’s fussy cut cupcake with the circle punched out in the middle of the fold.

Swap Ella's

Our visiting former member Cheryl (returning maybe?) brought this handy photo holder made from a large clippie.  It can also hold cards or recipes.

Swap Cheryl's

Here’s Ursula’s fussy cut purse on patterned paper.

Swap Ursula's

This is Connie’s wedding card. 

Swap Connie's

Here’s my friend Misty’s puffy flower using the new Nesties.  She hauled her shoebox down from St. Louis with the flowers all made for us to finish.  Now you all know why I like her so much!

Swap Dee's

Here’s Helen’s cute little treat holder . . .

Swap Helen's

. . . and Holly’s Fourth of July.

Swap Holly's

Janice made these cute sweetheart treat cups.

Swap Janice's

Here’s Jeannie’s African-inspired swap.  I see I need to distress my DSP layer.

Swap Jeannie's

Here’s Linda’s tipsy frog . . .

Swap Linda's

. . . and Lona’s Asian-inspired swap.  Love the “Oops” in the corner. 

Swap Lona's

Here’s Pam’s snowman card (he’s connected at the top by his hat) made with punches.

Swap Pam's

Here’s Patty’s striped birdie lineup Valentine . . .

Swap Patty's

. . . and Theresa’s pink and red die cut heart.

Swap Theresa's

Last, but not least, Therese’s dress form and butterfly. 

Swap Therese's

These have reminded me of how to finish a couple of my cards that I didn’t have the time to fussy cut at the swap.  I hope they can do the same for ya’ll.  If there’s a card you really have to make but you were even and it was odd or vice versa, now you know who made it and you can negotiate getting one for yourself with the maker.

I still have the exchange cards to blog and pics of us making our swaps.  Helen sent us all some pics, too, and I may put them in when I finish up the swap pics in the next few days. 

Thanks for visiting.  As always, comments are welcome.

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Deelite said...

Oh my goodness I had so much fun stamping with your stamp club. These cards were just so darling, but I didn't get to make all of them, that is the only sad thing. Actually getting to make the cards instead of just comment on them, was a real treat. Thanks again, Kathy for letting me join this fun group of very talented ladies. I had a fabulous week in FL with you and Russel. I can't imagine how we could have done more, had better food, or enjoyed ourselves more. You are the best!

Anonymous said...

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