Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sis!

Several months ago my sister Betsy asked if I could put together something to celebrate our birthdays.  We are 4 years and one week apart.  I said if she’d send me a couple of shadow box frames, sure, I could do that.  I thought about it for a few months and came up with the following shadow boxes. 

I’ve printed off the computer and cut out our names and birthdays and the sisters’ sentiment with Nestabilities.  The Air Force pin commemorates that we are both Air Force brats and we were both in the AF.  The drawing is a scan of a sketch Betsy did of both of us with our dog Mitzi under my left arm.  I colored them with watercolor pencils.  I made both flowers with the ornament punch.

The first is mine, with pinks and reds and a rose.  My pin is Jamie Moyer, my all time favorite Mariner.  Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Sisters - Kathy

Betsy’s is in blues with a quilters’ pin in cloisonn√© with a white magnolia.

Sisters - Betsy

And this last picture proves to my skeptical sister that I did them both at the same time before I shipped hers off!

Sisters - both

She got her shadow box in time for her birthday (not normal for me).  I also made her this birthday card using Diana Gibbs’ spotlight technique I linked in my post for Janice’s workshop. 

Elements of Style spotlight

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~* Tracy *~ said...

Those shadow boxes are beautiful treasures, so very very special ♥
I bet your sister adores hers. I especially love the sketch your sister did. What a beautiful tribute and gift.
Gorgeous card you have made for your sister. Just perfect.

Deelite said...

Oh,these shadow boxes are just delightful! You and your sister are very lucky to have each other.