Thursday, October 22, 2009

Air Mail from Down Under!

I got two, count ‘em, two little packages from Oz yesterday from Tracy and her son Edyn.  One small envelope and one positively stuffed envelope, both with gorgeous air mail stamps, one of a lovely waterfall and one of a kangaroo with her joey.  It actually worked to scan them, but they are kind of small.  Click on the pic to enlarge for detail.  Tracy mailed these last Thur. or Fri. and I got them already!  Way to go Aussie posties!

Air Postage

I had been expecting something from Tracy, but not from her 12-year old son Edyn!  He told his Mum he wanted to make me a card, too, conceived his own design, asked for what he needed and made this great card!  I love the two layer balloon made with a faux button. Will have to make me some balloons like this someday.  I just love this card!  Edyn used his Mum’s Cuttlebug die cut alphabet to make my name and he hand drew “Happy Birthday” and the balloon on the matching DSP.  Inside he thanked me again for sending him Jack London’s White Fang, which he still likes to read, and expressed a wish to see the Space Center.  Would love to take him to see a launch at the Cape and to tour the Kennedy Space Center.  Somebody hurry up and win the Lotto!  When I showed this card to Russel, he said, “You have something very special there” and I do.  THANKS, EDYN! 

Edyn's card

Then, I got to open Tracy’s envelope.  She wrapped that sucker in packing tape so it wouldn’t explode in the mail.  Needed to take after it with a knife to get into it!  LOL  Inside, besides the card, I found a cool Asian alphabet rub on set and three little packs of half pearls.  Tracy and I are firm believers in never having enough poils!

This card is a joint effort by Tracy and our St. Louis buddy Dee.  Dee sent some Bellas to Tracy to play with and Tracy sent one of them to me.  I think they might have even designed it together with the miracle of modern technology and Tracy’s web cam on MSN.  Lots of glitter and bling!  Love the wire arms and the wire bow on the bucket of rubies.  Friends like Tracy and Dee make my heart happy, too!   Click to enjoy the details!  Isn’t she gawjus!  Me likeeeeee!

Tracy's card 
Thanks so much, Tracy and Edyn (and Brett, too)! 

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~* Tracy *~ said...

awwww, I'm so glad you like everything! big hugs for my beautiful friend ♥ ♥ ♥
Those got posted late on Friday, I can't believe you have them so soon. I will put it down to Aussie post being so awesome! Edyn had lots of fun making your card for you. I didn't even help him apart from showing him how to use the paper trimmer. I'm glad you like your cards and little presents :)
hugs and much love,
Tracy & Brett & Edyn ♫

Deelite said...

Well you deserve this and much more. I love what Tracy did with that Bella from the US. he-he Yes it was a bit of a joint effort. I love viewing on web cam, while Tracy creates for you. Gotta love that bling!