Sunday, September 27, 2009

Trip to Sanibel to Meet Deeeeeeeeee!

My good buddy Dee from St. Louis and her husband Bob came down to Sanibel, FL, to spend a week with her sister and BIL. My Russel and I got to spend an afternoon and evening with them. Had a great time! It was like we had known each other for years! Duh! We had, we had just never actually met! Only one problem with our getting together! We were missing our third wheel! Tracy is our Aussie buddy and she was really sad she couldn’t come, too. But Oz is just too far away. So, to show Tracy we didn’t forget her and that we were thinking of her, we brought her along with us! I brought Tracy on a stick and Dee brought along the little owl Tracy made for her for Christmas. You can click on any pic to see it bigger. This is the beach about half a mile from Russel’s and my hotel in Fort Myers near the Causeway to Sanibel. Bob and Dee were staying on Sanibel Island which you can see in the background on this pic. How do you like my big blue and white sun block?

Bob,me,Tracy,Kathy and Russel

Here’s me, Dee and Tracy! And Mr. Owlie!

All of the gang

Here’s Dee and Tracy lolling around on one of the beds in Russel’s and my hotel room!

Dee & Tracy

Dee took this picture of one of the sunsets on Sanibel. Awesome!

Friday night sunset

I have lots more to blog in next couple days, stamp club pics and my workshop for friend Pam.

Thanks for visiting!

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Deelite said...

What fun we had with you and Russel in Sanibel. Finally getting to actually touch after all these years LOL Great pics
Would only have been better if Tracy could have been there!
Thanks so much for driving down so we could meet in person.

~* Tracy *~ said...

Fantastic photos :) It is so wonderful to see my two beautiful US friends together. I wish I could have been there in person but I was with you both in spirit.
Much love to you all,