Thursday, April 2, 2009

Banyan Tree

Tracy said I should do a quickie little post on the Banyan tree from the Edison-Ford Winter Estates grounds. This Champion Tree (Florida has a program for its exceptional trees) is the biggest Banyan in Florida. Henry Ford, knowing Thomas Edison was doing research on latex-producing plants, brought a 4-foot sapling Banyan from India for Edison's research gardens, sometime around 1920. After almost 90 years, it now covers almost an acre! That's an almost life-size statute of Thomas down among the roots. A popular spot for photo ops!

As the branches off the main trunk grow heavier, filament-like roots extend down to the ground and then grow into columns to support the branches.

Here's me and my buddy Tom!

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~* Tracy *~ said...

That's one crazy big tree!

Deelite said...

I have a picture of Bob and I under that same tree, proving it is a great photo op area. LOL Enjoy looking at your photos.