Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall, at Last!

My favorite season of the year is Fall, I just love the colors!  And the cooler temps.  Last night it got into the 40’s, the house actually cooled off 4 degrees and with the lower humidity today, we opened the house to actually air it out! 

Florida’s excuse for Fall is just pathetic.  Here’s what passes for Fall around my house.  We have a fence next to the driveway with a vine and Spanish Moss on it.  That’s the only color we ever see, the little red leaves on the vine.

Vine with moss

This is the Water Oak at the end of the driveway. 

water oak

All the leaves will replace themselves, dropping lots of little brown leaves, but that’s it.  Most of the trees in Florida, their leaves just turn brown and fall off. 

I’ve noticed several Autumn wreaths on doors up and down my neighborhood and decided to make one for myself.  Russel was a big help, too, as I wrapped the Styrofoam wreath with burlap ribbon and then sewed the garland on with a curved needle and fishing line.  These pics were with my phone, lousy colors.

Here’s the final product.  Love it!  Pic with new camera.  Colors pretty true.

Wreath 3

For my birthday, my Russel is taking me up to the mountains of Georgia, around Milledgeville and Athens, so I can see some real Fall color.  You can bet I will take lots of pics and share them here.

Thanks for visiting. 

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Anonymous said...

Fall is here in MI and it is strange in some places--color wise....some of the trees are in color on half and the other side is still green....leaves are falling yet there are still trees green....strange...

May your journey to GA. be an enjoyable one.

Take care!


Deelite said...

Beautiful color here in Missouri, wish you could see it. I will keep sending you pictures of our beautiful trees, until we head your way. Your wreath is beautiful. Wish I had that on my door.
See you soon