Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wedding Invitations

This is my first blog on the wedding.  Lots more to come, but in bits instead of overwhelming.  My sister Betsy flew me up to Rochester, MN, in January especially so I could help in the massive job of making 200 invitations.  We drove up to Minneapolis with Katie and her mom Nancy (she owns a scrapbooking store in Rochester) to a paper company that provided work space and a huge die cut machine if you bought your paper from them.  This is the warehouse in back.  Four aisles!  Click on any pic for details, then back to return.

Paper Supply 1

This is one wall of racks in the store of paper, cardstock and envelopes.

Paper Supply 2

This is a cake made of CS boxes, the same idea as the cake made from slices that I did for the shower.

Paper Supply 3

This is the AccuCut machine with the die on it and my sister loading it with cardstock.  They had lots of different dies to choose from.  We fed it from both sides from the piles of dark purple cardstock on either end. Think a Big Shot on steroids!

WP 3.jpgWP 4.jpg

Katie and her Mom working the machine that really needed two to work it.  WP 15.jpg

After we had run 200 sheets through the machine, we headed home to continue working.  We got them this far and Katie and Matt would do the inserts.

Wedding Invites 2.jpgWedding Invites 3.jpgWedding Invites 4.jpg

I didn’t see the final product until I got mine in the mail.  Here’s the outside with the belly band holding it closed.

Wedding Invite

Here’s the inside.  The sheet on the left was inserted in the pocket along with the RSVP post card.  Turned out really nice.

Wedding Invite Inside

Because I don’t know where else to put it, here is the folded wedding card I made along with the inside sentiment.  This was made from a stamp club project by Pat J that I finally finished.  I embossed the sentiment on the inside and Pat helped me die cut the swirls.  Turned out great.  Thanks, Pat.  Matt and Katie loved it.

Wedding card (1)Wedding card (2)

In January, I also worked on the shower invitations, etc.  I’ll blog it next.

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