Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July Creative Images Meeting

We had thirteen ladies at last night’s meeting and the treasury didn’t make any money since everyone had their exchange cards.  The theme this month was “Lady in Red.”  We also had a swap of ten sympathy/thinking of you cards that six ladies participated in and got to take home their four left over cards.  Lona did a great Spirelli technique for her project. 

First up, the exchange cards.  Once again, some are side by side, some not and no rhyme or reason to how or why.  Oh, well.  These first two are Pam’s dress made with SU’s red glitter paper, a row of pearls and a flower.  I’d wear that!  Connie made the Scrappy Chick.  Inside it is full of little images of scrappers’ stuff.

Pam's Glitter Dress Connie's Scrappy Chick

This card has black and white designer paper (I think) for the background of Dani’s lady in a red hat.  The lady in the cloche hat is Ella’s.  Hats were popular!  The gold flower and gold cord set it off nicely.

Dani's Lady Ella's Cloche hat

Herman made this Boticelli-looking lady, surrounding her with a lovely border and brads.

Herman's Pink Lady

Holly made this womanly card in black and white.  She popped out the lips and the moody sentiment in red.

Holly's Woman

Janice made this pretty little formal.  Love the red glitter on the bodice and the red ribbon belt.  Jeannie made the vellum and mulberry card with one of her ATC’s for the focal point.

Janice's Red Dress Jeannie's Ladies

Here’s my Gibson Girl, done with masking and stamping off. 

Kathy's Gibson Girl

Lona made this vintage stamp.  A different look from Herman’s, with the same face.  The card with Dorothy, Toto and the ruby slippers was done my Melanie.  She put red glitter on the shoes!

Lona's Vintage Girl Melanie's Dorothy

Therese made this fashionable lady.  On the outside it says, “Fashion is something you buy.”  Inside it says, “Style is something you own.”  Theresa made the darling little girl in her red dress.

Therese's Fashion girl Theresa's Little Girl

These first three swap cards are by Connie, Janice and me.

These three are by Theresa, Pam and Lona.

Lona did July’s project.  Here are her four Spirelli samples.  I’ve seen Spirelli cards, but this is the first time I got to make one.

Here are three finished projects by me, Janice and Melanie.  Great project, Lona!

That’s it for now.  Next up, I’ll be scheduling a  workshop for the new SU catalog.  Thanks for stopping by. Comments always welcome.

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Deelite said...

What fun you ladies had with the Lady in Red theme. I really enjoyed seeing what great ideas you came up with. Pam's glitter dress was just delightful, and Connie's scrappy chic reminded me of myself heading out to stamp, in her red cropped pants and huge containers in tow. Dani's red hat lady card was just wonderful with the fluff on the top, and I loved Elli's card with the lace flower. I need to find those for sure. Herman's lovely lady card really stood out with the border and the brads. Holly's card with the red lipstick and the embossing on the background was really fun. I loved Janice's cute formal card and Jeannie's card might be my fav this month! What detail on this card. Loved it. I really liked the masking on Kathy's Gibson girl card and the black pearls really made it pop. Loved the embossing on Lona's card and Melanie's Dorothy card was just too cute. The swap cards this month were really wonderful. Kathy and Janice's cards were my favs.
Lona's July project with the Spirelli samples were extremely fun. I played with a simple one once and enjoyed it so much. How creative you were with those.
Can't wait for next month's samples. Thanks Kathy for sharing all your Monday nights with all of us.

Pam said...

This was a fun night, but went too fast. Thanks Dee for all the comments. Always something new to see and c.a.s.e We really had a red-fest going. Kathy, I'll have to make a red dress for you, too.
Thanks Kathy for sharing all of our cards on your blog.

~* Tracy *~ said...

What fun all those red cards are. I will have to try a spirelli card when I get all my craft things out.