Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Last week Russel and I went to Birmingham, AL, for his annual company Christmas party.  We didn’t get around much, but we did go to the highest point in Birmingham to Vulcan Park.  Vulcan is the god of beneficial and hindering fire, including the fire of volcanoes, in ancient Roman religion and Roman Neopaganism (thanks Wikepedia).  A statue of Vulcan was cast in 1904, did time at the St. Louis World’s Fair and was erected in 1936 at his present location.  He was extensively repaired in 1999 to his initial glory, with much controversy over his bum.  To cover it or not to cover it, that was question.  Here’s a few pics we took late in the afternoon, with the sun setting behind him.  Click on any picture to enlarge it and hit back key to return to this post.

Here you can see his hammer and anvil.


Here’s a pic of what they decided to do about his bum.  They left it as the sculptor intended.  Thank goodness for the apron in the front!


He is a great lightning attractor, too, with lightning rods stuck in the top of his head and on the end of his spear.

If you’re interested in more, go to http://www.visitvulcan.com/.

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Deelite said...

What an interesting story. Did you say St Louis World's Fair. OMG I love to see stuff from the World's Fair. WHEN you do come to St Louis, I will show you all the stuff here from the World Fair. Hope that trip will be really soon. Sounds like you and Russel had a great time and the story about the Vulcan's butt was really funny. I personally am glad you are back. I missed my friend, even though she was closer to me in Burmingham.