Monday, September 13, 2010

Links for Magnolias and Roses

I have posted this picture of rose/magnolia flowers on top of boxes made with Top Notes a couple of times . . .

Magnolia & Rose boxes

. . ., but it looks like I never provided a link to the video tutorials in this blog.  Probably because I was going to show how to make these at a workshop, which I did and then I forgot to post a link.  These are gorgeous, but very easy, flowers made from SU's ornament punch.  There are several videos on youtube, but this one by The Scrappin Mama is for the magnolia with glossy cardstock:   here.  Here's another one, by yoyostamps, slightly different on how to make a rose with regular cardstock:  here.  I learned something from both videos.

After I made a few of these, I determined that I wanted the green leaves on the bottom to stick out further from the base of the flower rather than just being the bottom layer of petals, so I modified the base just a bit with little extenders cut from scraps.  If you watch the videos, you will see that this makes sense.  This extends the leaves out from the base about a quarter of an inch.

Magnolia & Rose leaves

All of the glue and strips are totally hidden once you glue this to the bottom of the rose or magnolia.  These leaves are curved down and the petals of the flowers curve up.

I also assembled my flowers with fast-drying tacky glue instead of glue dots or double-stick tape.

I’m working on a post for Theresa’s workshop and tonight is my stamp club meeting, so more later!

That’s it for now. Comments always welcome.

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~* Tracy *~ said...

when I get back into my crafting mojo... well, when my new baby ever lets me get enough time to play, then you will have to remind me of your magnolias :D Thank you for sharing the links.
I hope that made sense, I'm so tired!

Deelite said...

These boxes are just darling. I love what you did with the leaves. I will have to give that a try when I make the boxes. Thanks for sharing the great pics.