Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gorgeous Sandhill Cranes!

Pam and I went on a road trip yesterday to Mt. Dora and Winter Park, getting good and lost, but the highlight of the day, besides finding the new Penzey’s spice store, was running, almost literally, into these two Sandhill Cranes. We were on a busy road after leaving my upline’s house in Mt. Dora and saw one crane on one side of the road and another on the other. Stopping traffic, they were, thankfully, and not getting their idiot selves hit by cars. I stopped and so did other cars. Once they were both on my side of the road, I pulled over to take these pics. As they were poking along, they went into a nice yard, so I pulled into the driveway to take these pics. A man working down by his garage was oblivious to us or the birds. Click on the pics to see details.

Sandhill Crane

Sandhill Cranes Sandhill Cranes 2

One of these days, I will make it up to Payne’s Prairie in the winter to see them gathered by the thousands. But until then, I will catch glimpses, hopefully with a camera in hand, of them wandering here and there. I have never seen just one Sandhill Crane, always a mated pair, sometimes several pairs.

For more info, you can go here.

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~* Tracy *~ said...

These birds are just gorgeous. What a wonderful treat to come across them. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Deelite said...

A pair of sandhill cranes, how lucky! I have never seem them irl, so I guess we will have to drive to FL to get this wonderful experience. Going to read the article that you linked.