Monday, July 6, 2009

Agave Plant, Last Time

The agave plant down the block from our house has a bad case of the leans. The homeowners have propped it up with boards and tied it (on the back) to another tree to keep it from falling over.

If I move around to the other side to take pic, it almost looks straight!

I think this will be the last pic unless it does something spectacular. Flowers have done about as much as they're going to and the lower ones are kind of dying. At least it was interesting watching this most unusual plant. You can click on a pic to enlarge it for more detail.
Thanks for stopping by. Will have workshop pics in a couple days and stamp club next Monday.

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~* Tracy *~ said...

wow, that is one crazy plant! It's been very interesting watching it progress :) thank you

Deelite said...

Thanks for posting these great pictures. Have to admit that we don't have any plants like this growing in MO.